Electronic Ignition Fire Pit Kits

Monitors the flame, if it goes out the system tries to relit, then shuts off gas

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Electronic Ignition Kits

Electronic Ignition Fire Pit Inserts provide the highest level of safety available for a gas fire pit. There are also, by far, the most sophisticated ignition systems.

In simple terms, an Electronic Ignition system monitors the presence of a flame using a thermocouple, just the same as Flame Sensing Ignition systems do.

Where the systems differ is the process that occurs, should the flame be extinguished. The Flame Sensing systems immediately cut off the gas supply.

An Electronic Ignition system makes several attempts to relight the flame. Only if that fails will the system shut off the gas supply.

The ability to relight the fire pit can be necessary under certain circumstances.

In Restaurants, Hotels, and Casinos, for example, where the fire pit is a feature, the establishment concerned will want their fire pit to be alight.

However, staff having to constantly monitor the fire pit and relight it, if required, is a waste of human resources.

The auto-relight facility of an Electronic Ignition Fire Pit Insert is the ideal solution.

A typical Electronic Ignition Fire Pit Kit

Likewise, for fire features spread around a pool or landscaped area, the auto-relight feature is a great solution.

Electronic Ignition Fire Pit Inserts consist of a manufacturers’ fire pit tray and burner matched to an Electronic Ignition system.

In most cases, an Electronic Ignition installation will require a mains electrical feed to the fire pit. However, Firegears’ Electronic Ignition systems are battery-powered, with the option of an A/C adaptor for continuous power supply.

Electronic Ignition systems offer several options to upgrade, including downloadable Apps to control your fire feature via phone or tablet, remote controls, and compatibility with most ‘whole house’ and pool control installations.

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Venting Electronic Ignition Systems

Venting of any fire pit structure is essential, and even more so for Electronic Ignition systems. Be sure to follow the manufacturers’ guidance in this respect.

For example HPC Fire guidelines suggest having a minimum of 2 opposing openings, each with an area of at least 18 square inches, to ensure proper ventilation.

For optimal results, it is recommended to install 4 opposed openings, each measuring 18 square inches. Adequate ventilation is crucial to prevent the accumulation of trace gases and excessive heat within the enclosure cavity.

If your appliance is intended to be placed on decking, HPC provides a Deck insulation kit that streamlines the installation process.

Make sure to consult HPC’s installation instructions and also consult local codes and regulations for a comprehensive understanding.

Due to the complexity of these units, we strongly recommend that a Certified Gas Technician install them.

A diagram showing the Through Ventilation concept