Fire Pit Tables

With a variety of designs and sizes, you’ll find the ideal fire pit table to complement your outdoor aesthetic.

Fireside Chic: Fire Pit Tables

Fire Pit Tables

From compact coffee-style to elevated dining heights, Fire Pit Tables defy easy categorization due to their diverse dimensions. Defined as fire features with room for both a plate and a beverage, they offer unmatched comfort and versatility.

Round Fire Tables

Round Fire Tables are ideal if you are tight for space; they have a smaller footprint than square or rectangular tables. There are no awkward corners, so it’s easier for friends and family to sit comfortably around the table.

A typical round Fire Pit Table
Marbleized Noche Beacon Chat Height Gas Fire Pit Table

Square Fire Tables

Taking up a little more space than the round ones; it’s those awkward corners, that nobody wants to sit at.. However, if you do have a little extra space, then square tables are just as practical, in fact offering a bit more surface area than their round equivalent.

French Oak Topped Fire Pit Table
French Barrel Oak Cosmo Square Fire Table

Rectangular Fire Tables

Rectangular Fire Tables have a large footprint, and you need to be sure you have enough space for the table and for your guests to move safely around it.

If you have the space, then a rectangular table is a great option for entertaining your family and friends.

Dining around the fire pit table
The Kenwood Dining Table

Many of the gas fire pit tables on our website can accommodate a propane tank inside the table structure if required.

Some units are delivered with ‘out of the box’ functionality, but in some cases, there may be a little assembly required. Most commonly, this involves fitting the top surface of the fire pit table to the structure.

When selecting your table, be sure to check it is fitted with a stainless steel burner for durability. It is also worth checking if the table is supplied with lava rock or fire glass, as that is not always the case.

Overall, fire pit tables offer a little more than functionality than a fire pit, whichever you choose though, you are sure to have many hours of fun and a great store of memories from your evenings around the fire.

Fire Pit Table FAQs

A few common questions concerning Fire Tables

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  • Can you safely use a fire table on a wooden surface?

    Absolutely. Fire tables are engineered for safe operation on wooden decks or patios, provided all guidelines and safety instructions set forth by the manufacturer are meticulously adhered to.

  • What's the duration of a propane tank when used with a fire table?

    That depends on the BTU rating of the Fire Tables burner. For example, a 50,000 BTU burner, would run for about 8 hours. A 100,000 BTU burner would last roughly 4 hours. ( based on a 20 lb gas Bottle )

  • Should I cover my fire pit table when not in use?

    Providing some form of cover for your fire pit will increase its longevity and maintain optimal performance. If opting for a vinyl cover, please ensure that the fire pit has completely returned to the ambient tempreture before covering. This simple addition safeguards your fire table against the weather and maintains its functionality for years to come.

  • How should I clean the fire glass in my fire table?

    To clean the fire glass, wait until the fire table has cooled down completely, then remove the glass and wash it in a 50/50 mixture of warm water and household vinegar. After a thorough rinse and dry, the glass can be replaced. Regular cleaning is key to preventing soot accumulation and keeps the glass sparkling for extended periods.

  • What amount of heat can be expected from a fire pit table?

    The heat output of fire pit tables varies significantly based on entirely on the BTU rating of the burner. Typically, a high-quality fire table will generate at least 50,000 BTUs, with some models capable of delivering up to 100,000 BTUs or more.

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