Fire Stones for Fire Pits and Fireplaces

Enhance your fire pit experience with ceramic fire stones, adding a touch of elegance and vibrant color to your outdoor space.

Elemental Enhancements

Fire Pit Rocks Stones and Balls​

Fire Rock and Fire Pit Stones are one area of the fire pit industry that has made good use of modern materials and technology.

Gas Fire Pit Rocks

Utilizing modern ceramic technology American Fire Glass has developed two ranges, Lite Stones and Lite Stone Balls, which are ideal for indoor or outdoor use.

Their colors, derived from an environmentally friendly ceramic stain, are authentic and extremely durable, able to withstand flames and intense heat. They have been freeze-tested, and fire approved.

Ceramic Fire Balls

Approximately 4″ in diameter these Lite Stone Balls are available in a variety of colors and are ideal for fireplaces and fire pits.

Ceramic Lite Stone Balls from American Fireglass
Ceramic Fire Balls from American Fireglass

Ceramic Fire Pit Stones

These amazingly realistic ceramic stones are manufactured and colored with the same processes as the Lite Stone Balls above offering a unique appearance. Rather than the regular shaping of the balls, the stones have a rougher, random, shaping.

These stones feature a rough, random shaping, making them excellent choices for fire pit pebbles, decorative stone for fire pits, and ceramic river rock for fire pits. They emulate natural stone which should not be used in gas fire pits, so if you are seeking fire pit pebbles or river rock for fire pits, this collection is the ideal solution.

Available in 5 colors.

Thunder Grey Lite Stone Balls from American Fire Glass
Thunder Gray Lite Stones
Matt Black Lite Stone Balls from American Fire Glass
Matte Black Lite Stones
Cape Grey Lite Stone Balls from American Fire Glass
Cape Gray Lite Stones
Cottage White Lite Stone Balls from American Fire Glass
Cottage White Lite Stones
Natural Stone Lite Stone Balls from American Fire Glass
Natural Set Lite Stones

One important thing to bear in mind is that these products must sit on a bed of lava rock, they are not designed to be placed directly onto a fire pit burner.

Like all top-quality fire pit or fireplace media, the stones do not produce smoke, soot, or ashes, nor do they emit fumes.

Both these products have a Lifetime Warranty.

Modern Ceramic Fire Balls and Rocks provide a great-looking alternative to logs or lava rock and are sure to brighten up any fire pit or fireplace.

Natural Stone Fire ball Set

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