Rectangular Burners

Our collection includes standard burners and ‘big flame’ burners in the form of Bullet or Torpedo design. Lifetime Warranties

Diverse Rectangular Variations

Rectangular Fire Pit Burners

What are Rectangular Burners?
Strictly speaking, not all the burners above are actual rectangles, however, they do however have an overall rectangular footprint and best suit rectangular fire pit structures.

We could also add the Linear and H-burners for the same reason but we have kept them separate. Linear Burners have a narrower footprint and usually, only one burner spur down the center of the fire pit. H-Burners have two independent lengths joined across the center in the shape of an H when viewed from above.

Rectangular burners usually form concentric rings albeit in a defined rectangular shape and the flame pattern is dense.

The Switchback and Racetrack burners also fit best into this category as does the fish eye Burner.

An image of the unique Switchback Burner from The Outdoor Plus
The unique Switchback Burner

Types of Burner

The Outdoor Plus has both standard Burners and their patented Bullet Burner range. HPC also has a standard burner and its own patented Torpedo Burner range.

What is the difference?

Crafted from either high-quality stainless steel or Brass depending on the brand and model, Standard Burners are a simple design perfected over the years to recreate a natural-looking flame and enjoyable fire pit experience.

Both Torpedo Burners and Bullet Burners incorporate patented technology that creates bigger more impressive flames.  A more bonfire-type experience if you like. For more detailed information regarding the exciting new range of Torpedo Burners, please refer to the following page Torpedo Burners and for more on the Bullet Burner, check out the Bullet Burner page.


The Burners are sold either with gas connections in kit form (unassembled) or as stand-alone items.

Burner Kits

Kits are comprised of burners and gas connections which usually include a key valve with a chrome key, whistle-free stainless steel gas flex line, and fittings. There may be two options for this, one for a connection kit that is appropriate for a Natural Gas supply and the other for Propane.

Stand-Alone Burners

Depending on the brand, there may be an option for either Natural Gas or Propane. If so the difference is that an air mixer and fittings are included with the Propane kit.

Burner BTU’s

For details you will find a specification table on each product page.

An image of a Standard Rectangular Burner
An HPC Fire standard Rectangular Burner


HPC Fire Burners and The Outdoor Plus Burners qualify for a Lifetime Warranty. You can’t get a better warranty than that!

The Warranties on Gas Flex Lines and Gas Valves may change from brand to brand so check the individual listing for details.

Fire Media

All burners on The Magic of Fire are compatible with fire glass media, ceramic stone, and lava rock.



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