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Fire Logs for Fire Pits

Fire Logs have improved in leaps and bounds over the past few years.

Nowadays they are so well made that it is almost impossible to tell them from the real thing. To attain this very high degree of realism, some manufacturers cast the products from actual pieces of wood, and then they are hand-painted.

They are intricately detailed with the design based on specific types of woods.

Arizona Weathered Oak Outdoor Fire Logs
Arizona Weathered Oak Outdoor Fire Logs

These logs are generally manufactured from ceramic or refractory cement mixture specially formulated to withstand high temperatures.

Refractory logs are incredibly durable and maintain their color and shape for years.

Some logs contain some steel reinforcement to prevent warping in extreme heat, and the log set can be weighty as a result. Larger sets may weigh 200 + lbs, so ensure that your fire feature is strong enough to support them.

Fire Logs that are designated as ‘outdoor’  must never be used indoors.

Logs Sets are usually defined by the size of the fire feature they are designed to fit within. For example, you might see something along the lines of ‘compatible with fire features smaller than 20 inches’

So measure your fire feature carefully to ensure the set you choose will fit