Fire Pit Bullet Burners

Enhance your outdoor ambiance with the patented Fire Pit Bullet Burners. Designed for larger, vibrant flames.

Fire Pit Bullet Burners

Fire Up Your Fire Pit

What is a Fire Pit Bullet Burner?

A bullet burner is a specialized component used in fire features, designed to produce a concentrated and controlled jet like flame for aesthetic and functional purposes.

The Outdoor Plus introduced a burner series featuring the patented Bullet Orifice technology. This unique innovation optimizes gas flow and oxygen integration to create cleaner, taller, and more efficient flames.

The extraordinary height is achieved through the patented Flat Flame Technology, producing flames nearly double the size of standard fire rings with approximately 30 percent less gas consumption. This economical aspect makes these burners especially appealing for continuous use in places like restaurants, hotels, and casinos.

Bullet Burners can seamlessly retrofit into existing fire pits, whether fueled by natural gas or propane, for both residential and commercial applications. Additionally, The Outdoor Plus backs all their burners with a lifetime warranty.

Standard Burner vs Bullet Burner
Standrd Burner vs Bullet burner

Bullet Burner Styles

There is a wide range of shapes available including the basic round, linear, and ‘H’ configurations.

The fact that The Outdoor Plus manufactures all of its products to order in the USA allows it to have a wide range of burners with unusual shapes.

The burner known as the Triple S Burner has proven to be very popular. The ‘S’ shapes crossing at the center to create a flame that would appear to have a roughly circular footprint when viewed from the fire pit.

Regardless of the shape of your fire pit you should be able to find a burner to suit. Depending on the diameter of the Burner you will find that some models will alter as the size increases. The smallest square or round ring burner for example will start out with just one ring but the largest diameter may have up to 4 rings.

Triple S Brass Fire Pit Bullet Burner by the Outdoor Plus
All Brass Triple 'S' Bullet Burner

Brass Bullet Burner vs. Stainless Steel Bullet Burner

Initially, the fire pit Bullet Burner was exclusively crafted from Brass, chosen for its exceptional thermal expansion coefficient suitable for applications enduring intense heat, such as furnaces, engines, and fire pits.

However, Brass comes at a higher cost. To maintain the efficacy of the Patented Brass Nozzle while enhancing affordability, the Stainless Steel edition was introduced.

This evolution allows us to offer a variety of fire pit burners infused with the advantages of Bullet Technology, now at a more accessible price point.

Whichever version you select it is supplied with the Manufacturers Lifetime Warranty

A stainless steel and brass Bullet Burner
A Brass and Stainless Steel Triple 'S' Bullet Burner

The Technology Behind A Bullet Burner

Features of a Bullet Burner