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Bullet Burners for Gas Fire Pits

Bullet Burners

What are Bullet Burners?

This range of burners by The Outdoor Plus incorporates the Patented Bullet Orifice.

The Bullet Orifice compresses gas flow and incorporates oxygen to create a cleaner, taller, more efficient flame. The tall flames from these burners are the result of a Patented System called Flat Flame Technology.

This innovative technology produces approximately twice the height of flame than an equivalently rated standard fire ring.

Intriguingly, while producing this spectacular flame height, it uses about 30 percent less gas if compared to an equivalent size flame from a standard burner.

The gas consumption factor makes these units particularly attractive for fire pits that need to be alight for many hours regularly, such as Restaurants, Hotels, Casinos, etc.

Bullet Burners can be retrofitted into any existing fire pit, Natural Gas or Propane and for home or commercial applications.

The Outdoor Plus provides a Lifetime Warranty on all of its Burners.

Bullet Burner vs Standard Fire Pit Burner Flame Height Comparison

Comparison between a Standard Burner and a Bullet Burner

Burner Styles

There is a wide range of shapes available including the basic round, linear, and ‘H’ configurations. 

The fact that The Outdoor Plus manufactures all of its products to order in the USA allows it to have a wide range of burners with unusual shapes. 

The burner known as the Triple S Burner has proven to be very popular. The ‘S’ shapes crossing at the center to create a flame that would appear to have a roughly circular footprint when viewed from the fire pit. 

Regardless of the shape of your fire pit you should be able to find a burner to suit. Depending on the diameter of the Burner you will find that some models will alter as the size increases. The smallest square or round ring burner for example will start out with just one ring but the largest diameter may have up to 4 rings. 

Flat Pan Stainless Steel Triple S Bullet Burner and Flame Sense Ignition

Stainless Steel Triple S Burner

Brass vs. Stainless Steel


The original Bullet Burner was made solely from Brass. Brass has a higher thermal expansion coefficient, making it perfect for applications that involve extremely high temperatures, including furnaces and engines and, of course, fire pits.

Brass is also expensive. So whilst keeping the Patented Brass Nozzle, the Stainless Steel version was born!

So now we are able to provide a range of fire pit burners with the all the benefits of Bullet Technology at a more affordable price.



The Original All Brass Triple S Bullet Burner

Brass Triple S Burner

Detailed look at the Bullet Burner

Triple S Brass Bullet Burner Diagram

Video 1

Testing the Bullet Burner

Video 2

Who are The Outdoor Plus?

Prop 65 Warning  

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Lead and Lead Compounds, which are known to the state of California to cause cancer, and Carbon Monoxide, Lead and Lead Compounds which are known to the state of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to