Bullet Burners for Gas Fire Pits

Bullet Burners 

These are a unique range of fire pit burner rings from The Outdoor Plus company.

The range is available in round, linear, and ‘H’ configurations. However, their round burner is not exactly ’round.’

The Outdoor Plus uses an innovative combination of three ‘S’ shapes crossing at the center to create a flame that would appear to have a roughly circular footprint when viewed from the fire pit. They call this model the Triple ‘S’ Burner.

Brass Bullet Burners
A Triple 'S' Bullet Burner

Brass Bullet Burners produces approximately twice the height of flame than an equivalently rated standard fire ring.

Intriguingly, while producing this spectacular flame height, it uses about 30 percent less gas.

The gas consumption factor makes these units particularly attractive for fire pits that need to be alight for many hours regularly, such as Restaurants, Hotels, Casinos, etc.

Its reduced gas consumption soon negates the initial extra initial cost outlay.

Bullet Burners can be retro-fitted into any existing fire pit, Natural Gas or Propane and for home or commercial applications.

The first thing that strikes you when you see a bullet burner for the first time is the design, particularly the gas jets.

The second thing is that it is made of Brass.

Stainless Steel is the most common material for fire pit rings, but Brass is, in fact, better!

It is generally more corrosion-resistant than stainless steel, so it is ideal for fire pits.

Adding chromium to steel makes a whole lot of difference to its ability to resist rust, but stainless steel is still susceptible to corrosion to some degree.

Brass also has a higher thermal expansion coefficient, making it perfect for applications that involve extremely high temperatures, including furnaces and engines and, of course, fire pits.

Brass Bullet Burners have a Lifetime Warranty and are LC Certified.

Light brass Bullet Burners are hand made in the California factory of The Outdoor Plus, who are rightly proud of their ‘Made in America’ tag line.

The tall flames from these burners are the result of a Patented System called Flat Flame Technology.

It all starts as the gas enters the ring via the uniform gas flow generator, which distributes the gas evenly to the Patented Bullet Orifice.

The Bullet Orifice compresses gas flow and incorporates oxygen to create a cleaner, taller, more efficient flame.

The Linear Burners are available from 18 inches up to 96 inches long and ranging from 65,000 to 240,000 Btu’s.

The ‘H’ burners are a standard 6 inches wide and range from 18 to 72 inches long and from 65,000 to 380,000 Btu’s.

Finally, the Triple ‘S’ burners range from 8 to 48 inches in diameter and from 65,000 to 380,000 Btu’s.

Linear Bullet Burner
Linear Bullet Burner
Light Brass Bullet Burners
H Bullet Burner
Triple S Bullet Burner
Triple S Bullet Burner

The Pro's and Con's of Brass Bullet Burners


  • Twice the flame of an equivalent standard burner
  • Uses about 30% less gas than the equivalent standard burner
  • Manufactured from Brass for extreme durability
  • Lifetime Warranty


  • Initial outlay


The flame height on your fire pit is always limited by how many Btu’s that your gas supply can feed to the burner.

For example, if you have 70,000 Btu’s available at your fire pit, then a 70,000 rated Bullet Burner will give you the tallest flame possible when compared to standard burners rated at 70,000 Btu’s. ( Never get a burner rated higher than the gas supply that you can feed to it )

In essence, if you want the biggest flame, you want Bullet Burners.

Prop 65 Warning  

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Lead and Lead Compounds, which are known to the state of California to cause cancer, and Carbon Monoxide, Lead and Lead Compounds which are known to the state of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov