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We wrote our first Bullet Burner Review a couple of years ago, motivated by our customers’ great feedback and the photos of their fire pits, or more specifically, their fire pits’ flames.

Since then, the Bullet Burner range has increased considerably, and we thought it was time to update our Bullet Burner Review.

For those of you not already familiar with the Bullet Burner, let’s start at the beginning.

These amazing-looking burners are individually handcrafted in California by The Outdoor Plus company from locally sourced materials and utilizing their patented flame technology.

The Outdoor Plus company is exceptionally proud of its ‘Made in America’ credentials, especially when many of its competitors have moved production overseas.

The original product range consisted of a Linear, an ‘H’ burner, and the Triple ‘S’ burner. These were all manufactured from Brass, making them extremely durable, rust, and weather-resistant, with every unit having a Lifetime Warranty.

The Original All Brass Triple S Bullet Burner
The Original All Brass Triple S Bullet Burner

Flat Flame Technology

The Patented Bullet Burner Gas Orifice
The Patented Bullet Burner Gas Orifice

At the core of every successful fire pit project is the flame. A beautifully built fire pit with an inadequate flame does not look very impressive.

The patented Flat Flame Technology compresses Gas Flow through the Bullet Orifice incorporating oxygen, creating a taller, cleaner flame.

Compared to a ‘standard’ design burner of equal BTU rating, a Bullet Burner creates a flame that is about twice the height. Two to three-foot flames are the norm.

Each burner is individually assembled from precision-machined components under the highest standards of quality control.

Water infiltration is an issue for all fire pit burner manufacturers, and The Outdoor Plus have recently developed an innovative solution to this common problem.

Drain Hole and Heat Shield Detail
Drain Hole and Heat Shield Detail

They drill a hole in the burner ring’s underside to allow any water that has entered the ring to drain out. Of course, during use, gas will escape via the drain hole and ignite, creating a flame. 

A heat shield located opposite the drain hole redirects the flame upwards, preventing it from forming a hot spot and potentially damaging the fire pit pan.

This attention to detail is an excellent example of the quality of design and fabrication that goes into every bullet burner.

Technical Tip

Matching a burner’s BTU rating to the amount of available gas supply is the secret to getting the best flame for Bullet Burners and Standard Burners alike

If you are not sure how to select your burner’s rating to match the available gas supply, we cover this in detail in our article ‘How To Successfully Build A Gas Fire Pit Part 1.

The Latest Range of Bullet Burner Products

The hugely popular three original all-brass models are still available, but there is now a new model, one which has proven immensely popular.

The first thing you will notice is that Stainless Steel replaces the Brass of the main gas ring. The Patented Gas Orifice, however, is still made from Brass.

Exchanging these materials reduces these burners’ cost but still provides a very durable, long-lasting product.

These burners are supplied with the same Lifetime Warranty that applies to the original all Brass Bullet Burners.

The second difference is in the BTU rating of this range. There is a broader range of BTU ratings, so it is easier to get the best match between your burner to your available gas supply, which is the art of getting the best flame from your burner.

There are also five configurations in the new range that are not available in the original all Brass versions:

  1. Circular Burners
  2. Square Burners
  3. Switchback Burners
  4. Rectangular Burners
  5. Racetrack Burners
New Style Bullet Burner Range
New Style Bullet Burner Range

All Bullet Burners manufactured with the Stainless Steel and Brass Orifice combination are handcrafted to order in California, and supplied with a Lifetime Warranty.

Bullet Burners are ideal for retrofitting an existing fire pit or becoming the powerhouse of a new project.

Did you Know?

Unlike standard burners, Bullet Burners, when used with propane, do not require the addition of an air mixer valve.

Stainless Steel Bullet Burners Features:

  • Patented Flat Flame Technology – more flame, less gas
  • Stainless Steel Burner Ring – reduces costs
  • Patented Brass Gas Orifice – creates more flame
  • No Air Mixer Valve required on propane setups
  • Wide Range of BTU ratings
  • Each Burner is Handcrafted In the USA
  • Lifetime Warranty

What Do Our Bullet Burner Customers Say:

“We are extremely pleased with the bullet burner we ordered from The Magic Of Fire, we now have an amazing fire pit that is an awesome destination in our new back yard”

Gerald 01/01/2021

Built with a 30 Inch Triple S Bullet Burner
Geralds Fire Pit has a 30 Inch Triple S Bullet Burner

“I’m scared to turn the gas full on!”


Brians Fire Pit
Brians Fire Pit has an 18 inch Triple S Bullet Burner

“I was skeptical when Mark recommended the Bullet Burners, but I wanted a big flame. So glad I took his advice!”

Two 12 Inch Bullet Burners
Bruce used two 8 Inch Bullet Burners around his pool area.


There is no doubt that the All Brass Bullet Burners are a premium product delivering a great flame, with a price point to match.

Extending the product range and reducing the costs by utilizing stainless steel in the latest models The Outdoor Plus has made the Bullet Burner more accessible, without any compromise in quality or durability.

All Brass Bullet Burners and Stainless Bullet Burners are supplied with a Lifetime Warranty.

If a big flame is what you want, then a Bullet Burner is what you need!

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