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Diverse Array of Gas Fire Pits

Gas Fire Pits

Encompassing a wide array of products, the term ‘Gas Fire Pits’ spans various categories. To simplify for our customers, our fire pit category excludes Fire Bowls, Fire and Water features, Fire Pit Tables, and Fire Pit Kits—each listed individually.

Gone are the days of simple ground-holes with logs; fire pits have evolved significantly.

While the allure of a genuine, sizeable outdoor log-burning fire pit is undeniable, safety, environmental concerns, and practical limitations have driven the trend toward gas fire pits.

Gas fire pits offer advantages over their wood-burning counterparts: ease of use, suitability for smaller spaces, and compatibility with fire glass.

Modern gas fire pits, often delivered nearly ready for use, boast an extensive range of shapes, sizes, colors, and textures.

Materials commonly employed include Concrete, Fiber Glass Reinforced Concrete (FGRC), Cor-Ten, and Stainless Steel.

Styling options span from Chat Height  Fire Pits to Table Height Fire Pits, and designs are limited only by imagination.

Choose from an array of textures and colors, with catalog options from various manufacturers provided at the bottom of this page. Should your preferred option not be listed, contact us at Toll-Free phone number at the top of page.

Diverse Array of Gas Fire Pits

The Outdoor Plus Company

The Outdoor Plus Company are a manufacturer that specializes in producing a wide range of outdoor fire features, including fire pits, fire bowls, fire and water features, and fire pit accessories. The company is known for its high-quality products that combine both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

The Outdoor Plus Company offers a variety of designs, styles, and materials for their fire features, catering to different preferences and outdoor settings. They often use materials like stainless steel, copper, and concrete to create durable and visually striking fire pits and fire bowls.

The Outdoor Plus Company is renowned for its exceptional craftsmanship and innovative designs in manufacturing fire pits.

Central to their success is their careful selection of premium materials. From the timeless elegance of stainless steel to the rustic charm of Cor-Ten, they employ a diverse range of high-quality materials to craft their fire pits.

Whether it’s the modern appeal of Fiber Glass Reinforced Concrete (FGRC) or the durability of concrete, each material is chosen for its ability to withstand outdoor conditions while exuding sophistication.

This meticulous material curation ensures that every fire pit they create is not only a functional heating element but also a stunning artistic centerpiece for outdoor spaces.

The Outdoor Plus Company takes immense pride in its commitment to sourcing and crafting all of its products within the United States. With a strong dedication to quality and authenticity, every step of the production process is carefully executed on American soil.

From the initial design concepts to the intricate manufacturing techniques, their products bear the mark of American craftsmanship. This emphasis on local production not only upholds rigorous standards but also supports the national economy.

By choosing The Outdoor Plus, customers can be assured that they are investing in fire features that carry the essence of American ingenuity, quality, and pride.

The color options from The Outdoor Plus range of Fire PitsThe Outdoor Plus Color Swatch