Fire Pits

Fire Pits

No matter your favorite shape or size, you are sure to find the fire pit you need from our selection

Fire Pit Tables

Round, Rectangular or Square choose the best shape to fit your patio or ourdoor entertainment area.

Fire and Water Bowl

Fire and Water

It's hard to beat the visual impact of our range of Fire and Water Bowls. Available in Copper, Concrete or Steel

Fire Bowls

A huge range of Classic Fire Bowls in many shapes and colors. Copper, Concrete and Steel Fire Bowls available at

Fire Pits, the term has become a bit redundant. Nowadays, very few people are digging holes in the ground and throwing logs into it to create a pleasant entertainment area. Perhaps on a survival course, or some kind of team-building exercise in the desert, but not in our backyard patio. We’ve moved on.

The term fire pit bears little relevance to these sophisticated modern gas fire pits that have electronic ignition and can be controlled by an App on your phone. Or even a ‘fire pit’ that has a built-in high fidelity sound system and flames dancing in time to the music!

So when is fire pit not a fire fit then? When it is a fire bowl or a fire table or a fire feature or maybe even an outdoor fireplace. The lines have become very blurred, and it has become hard to categorize the current product range effectively.

The one thing they all have in common is that within reason, they are all delivered to you and are ready to go. Always allowing for an element of ‘some assembly required.’

Rail Yard Trackside Fire Pit
The Rail Yard Track Side Fire Pit

Ninety-nine percent of the models on The Magic Of Fire are available in Propane or Natural Gas versions, so be sure to select the correct option when ordering.

There is often an option to select a different ignition system as well, most commonly a Match Lit system or an Electronic System. Match Lit systems require you to turn on the gas and manually light the fire with a taper or match.

An Electronic Ignition system allows you simply to flick a switch to turn the fire on or use the aforementioned remote control or the App you downloaded on your phone.

Electronic Ignition systems also provide the highest degree of safety by continually monitoring the flame. Should it accidentally extinguish, the system makes several attempts to re-light the flame, and if that fails, it automatically shuts off the gas supply.

Most of the latest designs are either metal Fire Pits or Bowls or are manufactured from FGRC ( Fiber Glass Reinforced Concrete )

Let’s take a general look at the different styles of ‘fire pit’ on the market.

Fire Bowls

Fire Bowls
Copper Fire Bowls are Extremely Popular

Fire bowls are predominantly round, square or conical in shape. They are relatively low in height and not ideal as a fire feature that people are going to gather around during a party.

More often, Fire Bowls are used as an architectural or aesthetic feature in hardscaping or landscaping. A very popular choice is to install Fire Bowls around a swimming pool area. Two Fire Bowls either side of your entrance gate makes a great first impression, or as features around you beautifully landscaped gardens.

Fire and Water Bowls

Sedona Fire and Water Bowl

Taking the Fire Bowl to an entirely different level is the Fire and Water Bowl. Two of the Earth’s most potent elements combined to stunning effect. Bear in mind during the planning stage that these beautiful fire features may require a constant supply of water as well as power to their location.


Yes, I know they’re not fire bowls! One of our favorite manufactures, The Outdoor Plus company in California, understands that customers sometimes want to have a theme running through their landscape design and provide the same bowls without any fire features for use as planters or any other purposes you might think looks good.


Sedona Planter Bowl
Sedona Planter Bowl

Fire Tables

Kenwood Dining Table from The Outdoor Great Room

We define a Fire Pit Table as any fire feature that has enough space on its upper surface around the actual fire area where plates and drinks etc. can be safely placed.

This definition of Fire Tables includes some radical fire pit designs that would not ordinarily be considered table like, such as the Resonate form the Music City Fire Company.

Fire Pits

By our definition, these are going to be lower in height than fire tables, ‘chat height’ is the trending term. This general catch-all category has a huge variety of sizes, shapes, colors, and materials from which they are made.

Del Mar Fire Pit
The Del Mar Fire Pit

There is a fantastic choice of sizes, colors, shapes and texture available. The image below is the color swatch from The Outdoor Plus company, just to give you an idea what’s possible.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call us, we’re here to help.

The Outdoor Plus Color Swatch