Reflective Fire Glass

Add a Little Extra Sparkle to your Fire Pit or Fireplace

Reflective Fire Glass has a mirror finish applied to one surface of the fire glass during the manufacturing process before the large plate of glass is smashed into a thousand pieces.

The mirror finish enhances the natural color of the fire glass and creates a spectacle your family and friends will love.

The flame seems to shimmer and shine while dancing on the surface of the fire glass. Even in daylight, if the sunshine catches the glass, it will be sparkling.

American Fireglass, the industry leader, refers to their Reflective Fire Glass range as Premium Fire Glass.

Reflective Fire Pit Glass, when compared to non-reflective fire glass, shines brighter and reflects more light.


Fire Glass generally is available in two sizes, quarter-inch and half-inch. This sometimes confuses, as the overall impression is a lot of randomly sized pieces of glass.

If you think of the manufacturing process, the product starts as a large sheet of glass, perhaps 8 ft x 4 ft x 1/4 ” thick, for example.

Once the sheet of glass is broken to ‘create’ fire glass, the only common dimension to the random pieces of glass is the original thickness of the glass sheet.

Hence the glass size is referred to as 1/4 or 1/2 inch fire glass.

Fire Glass Size Diagram 1/2"
Diagram Explaining the Size Of Fire Glass 1/4"

So which size should you choose?

There is no technical reason for choosing one size over the other. It is all about the look and what you prefer.

Half-inch glass is obviously twice as thick is the quarter-inch glass, making it is ideal for use in bigger fire pits and fireplaces, but it may look chunky in smaller fire pits.

Conversely, quarter-inch looks great in smaller fireplaces and fire pits but is a little ‘lost’ in bigger fire features.

All fire glass is equally compatible with either Natural Gas or Propane setups.

Reflective Fire Glass - Pacific Blue
Reflective Fire Glass - Pacific Blue

How Much Reflective Fire Glass Do I need?

People are often surprised about how much fire glass they need. However, there is a neat little trick you can use to reduce the amount of required fire glass.

Assuming you have used a fire pit tray or pan in the construction of your fire pit, measure the depth in inches from the base of the tray/pan to just a little above the top of the burner.

Now enter that figure along with the other dimensions of your fire pit in our lava rock calculator. The result will be how many pounds of lava rock, we recommend using the smallest size, 1/4 – 1/2 inch, you will need to act as a filler in the base of the tray.

Next, measure from the top of the burner to where you think you would like to be the top level of your fire glass. Enter this dimension into our fire glass calculator, and you will see how much fire glass you need.

Using Lava Rock as a filler usually reduces the amount of fire glass needed by about half.

Installing Fire Glass on Lava Rock

We like to encourage our customers to be creative when it comes to choosing their fire glass colors.

American Fireglass has a range of Pre-Mixed Fire Glass, which exclusively uses Reflective Fire Glass in its make up. You can use these color combo’s as inspiration to create your color mix.

All the Fire Glass available on our website comes with a Lifetime Warranty. It will not crack, discolor, or warp. It is manufactured to a very high specification, able to withstand heat in excess of 1300 degrees.

Our fire glass does not emit smoke or fumes. Neither will it produce soot or ashes. It is virtually maintenance-free.

Depending on how exposed to the elements your fire feature is, you may notice that your fire glass has lost a little of its sparkle.

Inevitably, over time, dust and dirt deposits will adhere to the glass. There is an easy fix, though.

Take the glass out of the fire pit using clean gardening or industrial gloves. Wash the fire glass with a 50/50 mix of water and vinegar, rinse thoroughly, allow to dry completely, then gently place the glass back into your fire pit.

Your glass will look as good as new!

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