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Spark Ignition for Fire Pits

Fire Pit Spark Ignition is a push-button battery-powered ignition system that is used to light the fire pit burner. It is one step up from the basic Match Lit Fire Pit in that you are still required to light the fire pit manually, but you do this without the need for a match or taper.

The Push Button Unit connects to a spark igniter probe fitted to the fire pit tray base. Pushing the ignitor button causes the probe to spark, igniting the gas.

Simple Fire Pit Spark Ignition Kits like the one shown can be retrofitted into existing fire pit pans. Most brands offer a stand-alone kit for this purpose.

The Spark Ignition System

American Fire Glass Spark Ignition Kit

Spark Ignition Fire Pit Kits

These Kits come with every thing you need, from the pan & burner through to gas connections along with the spark ignition system, it may even include the battery!

The Kits are available in just about every size and configuration: square, round, rectangular, and linear, and in either a flat pan or a drop-in pan version.

Some brands include a mounting plate for the key valve and igniter button.

American Fireglass 30 x 6 Nat. Gas Linear Drop In Tray with Spark Ignition Kit

American Fire Glass Fire Pit Spark Ignition Kit - Natural Gas

Spark Ignition Flame Sensing Fire Pit Kits

As you can see from the products above there are a few which are also Flame Sensing Fire Pit Kits. These have additional safety features which will shut down the fire pit in the event of flame failure.

This flame-sensing technology is reflected in the price. 

Instead of a Key Valve there is a more sophisticated control box. 

Push Button Flame Sensing Control Box

Spark Ignition Flame Sensing - The Outdoor Plus

Benefits of Spark Ignition Fire Pits: 

Simple to install and easy to maintain, they form the core of a great fire pit. They can be used for DIY projects as well as by professionals.