Spark Ignition

Spark Ignition Kits

Fire pit Spark Ignition Kits for fire pits use a simple push-button battery-powered ignition system to light your fire pit.

The battery sits inside the Push Button Unit for ease of access on most models.

The Push Button Unit connects to a spark igniter probe fitted to the fire pit tray base. Pushing the ignitor button causes the probe to spark, igniting the gas.

These Fire Pit Kits are easy to fit and come with every thing you need to finish their installation, including the battery.

The Kits are available in just about every size and configuration: square, round, rectangular, and linear, and in either a flat pan or a drop in pan version.

Included with the kits:

  • 100% Stainless Steel Pan
  • Stainless Steel Burner
  • Push Button Spark Ignition Assembly – including battery and ignition probe
  • Gas connection kits include gas hoses, air mixers & key valves for propane or natural gas.

Simple to install and easy to maintain, they form the core of a great fire pit. Ideal for DIY projects as well as for professionals.

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