Match Light Fire Pit Kits

Easy to install, low maintenance, budget friendly

Easy to Install, easy on the budget, low maintanence

Match Light kits

Often referred to as Match Lit Kits, these are the simplest of the four main types of fire pit ignition systems.

To operate, you open the gas valve manually using the gas valve key and light the burner with a long match or taper. Adjusting the flame height and turning off the fire pit is also performed via the shut-off valve.

All the leading manufacturers have a range of kits that are match-lit available for every standard configuration for fire pits. There are square, round, linear, and rectangular fire pit pans in either drop-in or flat pan designs.

Because of their simplicity, Match Light Kits are ideal for DIY backyard projects; they are quick and easy to install, helping you to create a great-looking fire pit.

At a later date, they can be upgraded to a more advanced ignition system if required. 

Match Light Kits – What’s Included?

Most brands’ Match Light kits consist of a fire pit tray with a burner, manufactured from stainless steel for durability. The kit will also include a flexible gas line and a convenient gas shut-off valve. Propane versions should also include an air mixer valve. The air mixer valve connects to the burner.

A Match Lit Kit from Firegear

For most of the Match Light kits that we supply on The Magic Of Fire, the pan and burner have Lifetime Warranties.

These pans help create the void that is required under the burner to form the through-ventilation that is necessary on all fire fits. Eighteen square inches of ventilation is required on two opposing sides of the fire pit structure.

A diagram showing the Through Ventilation concept

These ventilation holes should be covered with vent guards once completed, to stop critters getting in and chewing up your gas lines.

The fire pit pans also provide a secure fix for the burner and create a floor onto which your fire glass or lava rock is installed.

Take a look at our range of Match Light Kits, you’re sure to find one the right size and shape. We even have a range of kits with an oiled-Bronze finish. No matter the style or color you will find the perfect for your backyard project.

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