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It all Started with the Sushi

One spring evening in 2013, my wife and I went to a small sushi house in our neighborhood.

The service was excellent on quiet nights. When the place was packed, the food usually took a bit longer to arrive, but that was okay – the wine always came quickly.

This particular night was hectic. We’d drained our bottle of wine long before our food arrived, so we ordered a second one.

“Do you think we’re stuck in a rut?” I asked Lynsey.

Oh, me and my big mouth!

That, my friends, was the beginning of The Magic Of Fire.

British Columbia Here We Come

In addition to sushi, my wife and I love skiing. One of the items on our bucket list was to spend an entire season at a ski resort.

Coincidentally, we had recently sold our house, so two months after the sushi, we placed our belongings in storage and found ourselves on the side of a mountain in British Columbia.

It was an incredible nine months. We arrived before the snow and left the following spring, after spending our time hiking, skiing, and figuring out how we would make our living when the fun was over.

At this point, it was back to business.

Back to Business

Lynsey and I knew we wanted our new company to be internet-based.

To make the most of the marketing opportunities we had at our disposal, I completed a couple business development courses that focused on the internet.

I knew I had to find my niche, and that it would likely be tough to get my foot in the door.

In just a short time, I set my sights on the fire pit industry.

Fire pits interested me for two reasons.

First, I had three decades of real estate experience, and I’d noticed a major increase in fire pits. I even had one installed myself – and it has been the source of some great memories.

Second, I had previously trained as a structural and mechanical engineer in the UK. I have a natural interest in the way things are made, and in how they work. As a lot of the products we manufactured were gas related I had to get qualified and learned all about gas installation: a key component of any fire pit.

Though I continued to analyze different business opportunities, I couldn’t help but revisit the fire pit industry.

But how could we compete with the buying power of our competition?

I figured we could invest a gazillion dollars in stock, source warehouses all across the country, procure a fleet of trucks and hire an army of staff.

Or, we could do the opposite. We could automate every possible process, reduce our overhead, eliminate human error and cut out all the middlemen.

We may not have had our competitors’ buying power, but there was one thing we could do.

We could develop a top-quality website and compete with our competition on price.

We could also offer the friendly, personalized customer service to which only family-run businesses can aspire. And that’s just what we did.

Today we are honored to be running one of the top fire pit retailers on the internet.

The Magic Of Fire has been in business for five years – and we look forward to seeing what the next fire years bring!

Thank you very much for your support.

Corporate details:

Golden Mark Corp dba MarkCorp is a family owned business represented online for retail purposes by TheMagicOfFire.com. Offices are located at 427 N Tatnall St #55669, Wilmington, DE 19801-2230. Phone 302 348 8944 Email mark@markcorp.org

Office Hours Mon-Fri 8am – 6pm