Fire Pit H Burners

H Burners create a larger flame footprint than Linear Burners, and so are ideal for rectangular fire pits, they produce more heat than the equivalent linear burner too.

These burners create a realistic, evenly distributed flame.

Most manufactures supply H burners, with a standard width across the ‘H’ of 6 inches, although some manufacturers do make wider versions in the longer lengths.

These burners are best when mounted into a Rectangular Drop-In Pan or on to a Rectangular Flat Pan, providing a secure base for the burner, and a platform on which your fire pit media is installed.

Using a tray or pan provides a platform that your fire glass or lava rock can sit on, and this often reduces the amount of media required. It also helps create the ‘void’ beneath the pan to assist with the through ventilation that all fire pit structures need.

The recommended amount of ventilation is 36 square inches split between two opposing sides of the structure, i.e., 18 square inches each side.

The vent can be a single opening or several as long as the total area is 18 square inches.

To prevent ‘critters,’ getting into the structure vent covers need to be fitted.

Fire pit trays or pans are also especially important if you are using propane. The burner needs to be set into a tray or drop-in pan to prevent the gas from sinking, as propane is heavier than air.

All fire pit burners on The Magic Of Fire are manufactured from 304-grade Stainless Steel for durability and have a Lifetime Warranty.