H-Burners are ideal for rectangular Fire Pits, and require less gas than the equivalent Rectangular Burner

H-Burners: Ideal for Rectangular Pans

Fire Pit 'H' Burners

The H Burner is named as such due to the distinct H shape created by the two burners that run down the length joined at the center by the cross burner.

H Burners create a realistic, evenly distributed flame with two burners running down the length of the fire pit.  The H-burner creates a larger flame footprint than single Linear Burners, and so is ideal for rectangular fire pits. With double the flame, they produce more heat than the equivalent linear burner too.

Some manufacturers design the burners, with a standard width across the ‘H’ of 6 inches, which will suit rectangular fire pits that are narrower however, other manufacturers widen the width as the length of the burner increases. Whatever the shape of your fire fit you should be able to find a compatible burner here at The Magic of Fire!

HPCs Fire Pit Torpedo H-Burner
This is HPC Fires' Torpedo Version of the 'H' burner

A Rectangular Fire Pit Burner, in this case, the H-Burner, is best mounted into a Rectangular Fire Pit Pan. Both the Drop-in or Flat Pans provide a stable base for a burner as well any ignition system. Using a pan also provides a platform for your fire glass or lava rock, often reducing the amount of media required. 

As you will see from the actual listings above some burners are also sold as H Burner Kits which come with suitable gas connections. However, the H Burner is also sold with a Pan, gas connections, and a wide range of ignition systems as complete Rectangular Fire Pit Kits. Head over to the Fire Pit Kits page for more details.

On the Rectangular Burners page, you will find even more burners! 

All fire pit burners on The Magic Of Fire are manufactured from 304-grade Stainless Steel for durability and have a Lifetime Warranty.

H-Burners are perfect for Rectangular Fire Pit Pans
The 'H' Burner is an ideal fit for rectangular Fire Pit Pans

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