Round Burners

Round Burners are the most versatile shape, ideal for square, triangular, octangular, and of course round fire pits

All-Around Versatility

Round Burners

Round Fire Pit Burners are the most popular style of fire pit burners because they are the most versatile.

Obviously, they are the ideal insert for round and square fire pits, but if you are planning to build a custom shape fire pit, the odds are pretty high you will need to install a round burner.

Triangular, octangular, hexagonal, etc., they all lend themselves to the use of a round burner.

Every major manufacturer has at least one range of the humble round burner, and some have several.

So what should you be looking for when selecting your round fire pit burners?

An image of a standard Round Fire Pit Burner
A Typical Round Fire Pit Burner

Features Common to Good Quality Round Burners:

  • The burner should be manufactured from Stainless steel or Brass.
  • Good quality burners have a Lifetime Warranty.
  • The gas holes should be drilled, creating a gas flow and better flame. Punched holes leave a burr on the inside of the burner, which interferes with the gas flow and can make noise.
  • The burner should have either a half-inch ( Standard Capacity ) or three-quarter-inch ( High Capacity ) gas inlet to be compatible with standard gas connections.
  • Some manufactures create a raised central hub on their round burners to prevent water from entering the gas lines and valves.

When selecting your burner, always match the burners’ Btu rating to the Btu rating of the available amount of gas you have for the fire pit project.If you select a bigger burner, you will get a smaller flame!

If you do not understand what we mean by that, invest a few minutes reading our article ‘How to Get Good Flame Height On Your Fire Pit.‘ It might save you a few dollars down the line.

So if you require a Round Burner take a look at our selection. Sizes start at 6 inches up to 48 inches in diameter. American Fireglass and HPC Fire both offer their round fire pit burners with a Lifetime Warranty.

An image of a Round Bullet Burner with Nozzles
The unique Stainless steel and Brass Bullet Burner

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