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Fire Pit Ring Burner

In the final analysis, the success or otherwise of your fire pit project will be judged by the flame. Is it bright, realistic, and spread evenly over your fire glass or lava rock? The flame is obviously created by the burner, and so this is definitely not a place to cut corners, you need a top-quality fire pit burner ring.

American Fireglass fire pit ring burners are manufactured from .304 grade stainless steel and thus are able to withstand the extreme heat of a fire pit and severe outdoor conditions.

The cross bar design of these rings helps generate better flame distribution, and because the holes in the ring are drilled not punched you get a smoother gas flow and no loud whistling noises

Stainless Steel Fire Pit Ring Burner


These stainless steel round fire pit burner rings are suitable for either Natural Gas or Propane Installations, and for optimum performance require between 2 to 4 inches of fire glass coverage. The most common way to use fire pit rings is to locate them into burner pans, which securely anchor the burner and create a container for your fire pit media.

For Standard capacity burners the gas line is connected via an 1/2″ inlet, High Capacity units have a 3/4″ inlet

Available in 7 sizes, ensure that the burner ring is at least 6 inches smaller than the internal dimensions of your fire pit.

Standard Capacity Fire Pit Burner Specifications

6″ Diameter Single Ring  – 1/2″ Inlet Size  – 80,000 BTU/hr rating

12″ Diameter Double Ring  – 1/2″ Inlet Size  – 92,000 BTU/hr rating

18″ Diameter Double Ring  – 1/2″ Inlet Size  – 147,000 BTU/hr rating

24″ Diameter Double Ring  – 1/2″ Inlet Size  – 297,000 BTU/hr rating

High Capacity Fire Pit Burner Specifications

30″ Diameter Triple Ring  – 3/4″ Inlet Size  – 430,000 BTU/hr rating

36″ Diameter Triple Ring  – 3/4″ Inlet Size  – 445,000 BTU/hr rating

48″ Diameter Triple Ring  – 3/4″ Inlet Size  – 593,000 BTU/hr rating


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