Fire Bowls

Welcome to our captivating fire bowl collection, where warmth and beauty come together to create unforgettable moments.

Exploring Fire Bowls

Fire Bowls

Gas fire pit bowls are available in a multitude of sizes and shapes. While the term ‘bowl’ might suggest something circular in shape, there are many fire bowls that are square or rectangular too.

There is also quite a variety of materials used in the manufacture of fire bowls, including, but not limited to, glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC), stainless steel, aluminum, and the ever-popular copper.

Glass fiber-reinforced concrete fire bowls allow the manufacturer to add various colors and finishes.

The color in GFRC fire bowls, is infused throughout the concrete, which means that any scratches or dings that may occur during its lifetime are far less visible. 

GFRC is also lighter and stronger than pure concrete or concrete and rebar construction (it doesn’t leak rust stains either).  

The Outdoor Plus, one of the most prolific and innovative manufacturers of GFRC fire bowls, offers a combination of 18 colors and finish options to their range. There are nine standard colors, four ‘rustic’ colors, and four metallic finishes. 

Another great feature of The Outdoor Plus range is that every fire bowl has a matching water bowl, planter bowl, and more.

A great feature if you are looking for uniformity of style, color, and finish in a landscaping or hardscaping project for professionals and DIYers alike.

There are now three wood grain finishes available too!

HPC Aluminum Spun Fire Bowl
HPC Fire Aluminum Fire Bowl

Exploring Fire Bowls

Where To Use Gas Fire Pit Bowls

Fire Bowls are versatile, allowing you to situate one just about anywhere you would like. Always providing you can get the gas supply to it!

You can put them on the patio or terrace, and if the proper precautions are observed, they can be safely installed on wood or composite decking ( link to blog ).

Mounting a fire bowl on top of a pedestal has a stunning visual impact.

Another popular option is around swimming pool areas. 

Remember to install the low voltage option to comply with Codes when using electronic ignition systems within five feet of water.

Another fun location for your fire pit is anywhere. HPC Fire has released the Sports Fire Pit, a fire bowl specifically designed to be mobile!

Take a look at the five-minute video below for inspiration about how and where to locate your fire pit bowl and other fire features.

The Outdoor Plus Fire Bowl Overview

Copper Fire Pits

Copper Fire Pits are the most popular choice by far. The unique look of a copper fire pit has no equal, and the aging process as the color changes over the years is fascinating.

Although copper is quite malleable, it is durable and ideal for projects requiring longevity.

In outdoor locations, copper is naturally impervious to the elements. Copper Arrowheads found in Wisconsin date back to between five and seven thousand years ago; according to science.org

You should have no concerns about the durability of copper gas fire pit bowls.

Putting all the practicalities to one side, they look brilliant.

A Remi Hammered Copper Fire Bowl
A Hammered Copper Fire Pit Bowl

Fire and Water Bowls

When discussing gas fire pit bowls, we can not ignore fire and water bowls. 

The visual impact of combining two of our planet’s most powerful elements is stunning.

You can see the full range on the fire and water feature page.

Installing and operating a fire and water bowl requires both a gas supply and a water supply.

The most common question is, ‘do they come with a pump/reservoir?’ The answer is no; there is insufficient space in the bowl for either a pump or reservoir.

Depending on the Brand, you would need to provide a water supply of approximately 7-10 gallons per minute.

The water source could be from a pool or water feature, which would be pumped to the bowl and recycled back to the pool via the bowl.

Two Fire and Water Bowls set around a swimming pool
Fire and Water Bowls Enhancing Poolside Ambiance