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The Most Popular Accessories

Irresistible Additions

If you have ever considered upgrading your match-lit fire pit to push-button spark ignition, you may find it easier than you thought. And cheaper too. We have several brands that may fit the bill.

The most popular by far is the Wind Guard. Customers regularly share their pleasant surprise at how effective these are. With the wind guards in place, you can enjoy your fire pit, even in conditions that would otherwise pose a safety risk or be unwise to use it.

Here at the Magic of Fire you will find a wide range of Square Wind Guards, Round Wind Guards and Rectangular Wind Guards. If you don’t find the size you are looking for we can also provide custom, made-to-order Wind Guards!

Fire Pit Lids or Fire Covers are the second most popular accessory. Like the wind guards, they also have a positive effect on your fire pit, by protecting them from the worst extremes of the weather.

Fire Pit Wind Guards
Wind Guards are the most popular accessory

Protecting Your Fire Pit

Defeat the elements

Fire Pit Lids not only protect your fire pit components from the elements but also allows you to use your fire pit at a moments notice as it keeps the burn area free of debris and dry. 

Fire pits should never be lit if the tray and glass are wet.

A fire pit lid also keeps general dust and dirt from accumulating in the fire pit tray and on the fire glass, which means it does not need cleaning as often.

We also offer Vinyl or heavy duty canvas covers which are as effective as stainless steel lids when it comes to protecting your fire pit, in particular smaller fire pit tables, which may be best put away over winter if they are not to be used. 

Overall, accessories such as fire pit lids will keep your fire pit in top condition and extend its lifespan. By protecting your fire pit you are effectively protecting your investment. 

Fire Pit Lids are available in multiple colors and shapes

Components, replacements and more...

Everything you need

A step up from the match lit system. An ignitor probe installed next to the burner is connected by an electrical cable to a push-button unit.

Optional extras or even upgrades for your existing fire pit may transform your fire pit, enhancing your enjoyment factor.

You will find products that simplify the construction of your fire pits such as brackets or collars for supporting the pan or extra-long gas flex connections.

Gas hoses, wall-mounted timers, and accessories such as mounting plates and vents can also be found here. Not to mention component parts that may need to be replaced at some point.

Make your fire pit everything you want it to be!

Various Fire Pit Components

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