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Fire Pit Z Brackets

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Fire Pit Z Brackets make installing a flat fire pit pan simple.

Manufactured in 24-inch strips and supplied in a pack of 4 strips, the brackets are inserted between two courses on the inner wall of the fire pit structure.

Once the cement has set, they provide a very secure platform on which to lay your flat fire pit pan.

The Z Brackets leave plenty of space at the center of the pan area for the gas connects.

Using these Fire Pit Z Brackets allows that the tray is easily removable if required for maintenance.

Fire Pit Z Brackets

Fire Pit Z Brackets – Will They Fit a Round Fire Pit?

They are ideal for square, rectangular and linear fire pits. If your fire pit is round, the bands are manufactured to be flexible enough to curve with the fire pit structure.

Manufactured from 304 Grade Stainless Steel by The Outdoor Plus company in California, these Z brackets are extremely durable. They make the installation of a flat fire pit pan straightforward and quick.

The shorter side of the Z is installed between the bricks, leaving the longer side to form the platform on which the tray is seated.

The strips are 24 inches long and 2 inches high. They are supplied in packs of 4 strips.




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