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Fire Pit Burners

Premium Quality Burners with Lifetime Warranties

fire pit burners

Round Burners

For Square & Round Fire Pits - 6" to 48" dia.

Penta Burner

Penta Burners

Camp Fire Effect - Great at Low Settings

Brass Bullet Burners

Bullet Burners

More Flame - Less Gas

Typical H Fire Pit Burner

H Burners

For Rectangular Fire Pits - Up To 84 x 10"

Linear Burner

Linear Burners

Linear Fire Pit Burners - Up To 120" Long

HPC Square

Square Burners

HPC Square Burners Up To 48" Square

Rectangular Fire Pit Burner

Rectangular Burners

Alternative to H Burner - Up to 48" x 24"

HPC S Burners

S Burners

5 Sizes Up To 72" long

HPC Fireplace Burner

Fireplace Burners

7 Sizes Up To 60" x 6" long

FireGear Spur Burner

Firegear Spur Burner Kit

5 Sizes 12 to 36 Inches

Gas Fire Pit Burners

Fire Pit Burners are the engine of every gas fire pit, and they are available in a vast range of shapes and sizes, allowing you to design a unique fire pit.

All fire pit burners have a BTU rating, a unit of measurement that tells you how much gas a particular burner will use. The BTU rating also indicates how much heat a burner will produce.

The burner you select must have a BTU rating that matches the amount of gas your supply can deliver to the fire pit.

For example, if you Gas Technician informs you that you can get 100,000 BTU’s to your fire pit and you connect that to a 200,00 BTU rated burner, you would be lucky if you get any flame at all.

Selecting a burner with a BTU rating that matches your available gas supply BTU rating is the best way to ensure you get a good flame on your fire pit.

How A Fire Pit Burner Works

Most fire pit burners (but not Bullet Burners) are buried beneath your fire glass or lava rock. As the gas escapes from the burner, it does not immediately ignite. Instead, it percolates up through the fire glass, igniting close to or just above the fire glass level.

During this short journey, the gas spreads out and creates a larger footprint than the gas burner’s size.

Installing Fire Glass on Lava Rock

What are the best Fire Pit Burners?

Outdoor gas fire pits operate in a very harsh environment, ranging from extremely hot to very cold and wet so high-quality Stainless Steel or Brass are the best materials for the burner pans and fire rings.

A good fire pit burner should have at least a 5-year warranty, but top-quality burners as are the ones available here on The Magic Of Fire, have a Lifetime Warranty.

Drilled gas ports (the holes through which the gas escapes) produce a smoother gas flow and less chance of whistling noise. Punched gas port holes are the cheaper alternative and creates a metal burr on the inside of the burner ring, which spoils the gas’s smooth flow, causing a fluttering flame and possibly even some noise.

Fire Pit Burner Capacity

A Standard Capacity fire pit burner is rated up to 300,000 BTU’s and has a 1/2 inch gas input. High Capacity fire pit burners are rated at 300,00 + Btu’s with a 3/4 inch gas input.

With the high standard of burners available today, all good quality fire pit burners will provide a decent flame as long as you can supply the correct amount of gas and have a big enough gas line.

Types of Fire Pit Burner

Standard Burners

Standard Fire Pit Burners may indeed look very simple but they are designed and tested to ensure a reliable, consistent flame pattern, distributed evenly across your fire pit and come in a variety of shapes and sizes.


Typical Round Stainless Steel Burner

Bullet Burners

If you have to have the biggest flame, then you have to have a Bullet Burner. Hand-built from either brass or stainless steel and in a variety of shapes and sizes, these burners come with a Lifetime Warranty. Bullet Burners can create twice the flame height as a standard burner for that wow factor. More interestingly, also consume less gas to achieve a similar flame height produced by a standard burner.

The Bullet burners’ lower gas consumption makes them ideal for commercial installations, where a fire pit may be alight for several hours per day, seven days a week.

Bullet Burners

Torpedo Burners

Much like the Bullet Burner the Torpedo Burners come in a variety of shapes and sizes but also feature a patented nozzle that is precision-engineered to produce the biggest flame on the market!

Torpedo Burners qualify for HPCs hassle-free Lifetime Warranty.

Torpedo Fire Pit Burner Thumbnail

Fire Pit Burner Shapes

There are a few miscellaneous shapes that we not have yet listed, such as a triangle or half circle, but for the most part you will find a wide selection in shapes described below. 

Round Burners

A round fire pit burner fits equally well in a square fire pit as it does in a circular one. A round fire pit burner can also be used in hexagonal and triangular shaped fire features.

We stock a range of sizes from 6 inches up to 48 inches in diameter from several manufacturers.

Penta Burners

Penta Burners have gained almost legendary status among fire pit fans and are very popular. The unique star-shaped design creates a very realistic ‘campfire’ type flame and is especially good at low gas settings.

24 Inch Penta Burner
Penta Fire Pit Burner from HPC Fire


An H shaped fire pit burner is the perfect shape for a rectangular fire feature. With their unique ‘H’ shape, they can fill a large area without using too much gas. 

Linear Burners

A Linear fire pit burner is designed to fill long narrow fire pits. 

Square Burners

An alternative to using a round burner in a square fire pit!

Rectangular Burners

Rectangular Burners have a more complete rectangular footprint than an H-Burner but not limited to an actual rectangle configuration. Check out the uniquely shaped Switchback Burner and the rounded corners of the Racetrack Burner!

Custom Burners

If you can’t find what you need within the standard ranges of fire pit burners, contact us on our Toll-Free Advice Line +1 866 244 9982 to discuss a custom-built burner.

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