Fire Pit Timers

Effortlessly control the duration of your fire pit with mechanical or electrical timers, ensuring convenient, safe operation.

Fire Pit Timer Solutions

Fire Pit Timers

Fire Pit Timers are particularly useful if you want to be able to light and forget your fire pit. They are perfect for fire features located in Casinos, Restaurant, and Hotels, etc.

However, because of the convenience afforded by a timer, they should only be fitted to fire features that have either Flame Sensing or Electronic Ignition system on your fire pit.

Gas fire pits that do not have such systems must never be left unattended in case the flame should accidentally extinguish. If nobody’s around to turn the gas off, a large gas cloud will build up in a short period.

Fire Pit Timers are available in mechanical versions, a kind of sophisticated clockwork, or in electrical versions. Mechanical timers do not require an electrical supply, and all have an emergency stop button.

Most work with both natural gas or propane and have a reasonably high BTU rating, but it’s worth checking that it is compatible with your system.

Timers are suitable for retrofitting, but it is easier to install them during the construction of the fire pit, as they need the gas line to be piped through them.

Several manufactures also provide different options for mounting the timer on your fire pit structure, including a lockable cabinet and flush mounting brackets.

The most popular model is the Estop Timer, a combination of an “Emergency Stop” control switch, plus a Gas-turn-off timer. It is available in two models, a one hour version, and a 2-1/2 hours unit.

The Estop is a mechanical design requiring no power supply and is the most reliable and safest system on the market.

A Fire Pit Electronic Timer from HPC Fire
An Electronic Fire Pit Timer from HPC Fire

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