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1 hour Gas Timer and E-STOP by The Outdoor Plus

Introducing the 1-Hour Gas Timer with E-Stop from The Outdoor Plus, an essential safety mechanism that combines a 1-hour gas timer, and emergency shut-off functionality with a manual gas valve. This device is designed for installation on the inlet side of a gas appliance, providing users with precise control over the duration of gas flow.

Operated entirely through mechanical means, this timer does not rely on batteries or power sources. It offers the unique capability to regulate gas supply for a period of 1 hour (equivalent to 60 minutes).

For added safety, the timer is equipped with an easily recognizable emergency gas shut-off feature, denoted by a red knob. This empowers users to swiftly and effortlessly cease all gas flow in case of emergencies.

Its versatile application range spans indoor and outdoor settings, finding utility in various scenarios such as gas fire pits, gas grills, gas logs, and gas torch lights. This timer serves as an imperative inclusion wherever an emergency gas shut-off valve is mandated by regulations or specified by the customer.


The compact dimensions of the E-Stop Gas Timer measure 4 inches in height, 2 ⅞ inches in width, and 2 ⅛ inches in depth, making it a space-efficient solution.

Notably, this device can serve as a compliant alternative to a manual shut-off valve, meeting local code requisites for accessible shut-off valves.

The gas supply can be connected to the fire pit gas timer via the 1/2″ NPT inlets/outlets on the back or alternatively to the 1/2″ NPT inlet/outlets at the sides of the unit.

The unit is secured to the fire pit structure via 6 mounting holes at the front and sides of the unit.


1 hour Gas Timer and E-STOP gas inlets/outlets

Gas connections can be to either the back or sides of the unit.

1 hour Gas Timer and E-STOP Specifications:

  • Maximum setting 1 hour
  • CSA-rated capacity is 165,000 Btu/Hr at 1” Pressure Drop (NG)
  • 1/2″ NPT inlets/outlets
  • 4-inches high x 2 ⅞ -inches wide x 2 ⅛ inches deep
  • Tested and Certified by CSA to ANSI Z21.21; CSA 6.5.
  • Mechanical Design, no power supply is needed
  • For use indoors or outdoors
  • Suitable for Natural Gas or Propane, no conversion needed
  • Side and back gas connection options
  • Meets most local code requirements as the accessible shut-off valve
  • Easy to install


1 Hour Gas Timer and E-Stop Instruction Manual





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