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Fire Pit Enclosures

Firepit Enclosures considerably reduce the construction time of a fire pit project. They also eliminate much of the guesswork involved, particularly with more complex shapes such as circular and octagonal fire features.

They are very popular with Landscape and Hardscape Companies and Contractors because the enclosures significantly reduces on-site time, increasing profitability.

Once the main hard pipe gas feed is installed at, assembling the enclosure, cladding it, and fitting the tray and burner can be completed in one day!

Fire Built with Enclosure

This Fire Pit Was Built Using an Enclosure

However, these enclosures aren’t just for the professionals; they are just as practical and effective for a DIY project.

Most of the leading brands have fire pit enclosures in their range of products. With some Brands just the enclosure can be purchased, other brands supply the enclosure with a basic tray/burner combination and connections.

It is worth remembering this when comparing prices.

What Is a Ready to Finish Enclosure?

Enclosures are a pre-fabricated form that provides the complete structure minus the final cladding.

At the core of an enclosure is a steel framework that sets the basic shape and dimensions. This rigid steel structure is covered with pre-cut panels that either bolt or screw on to the frame.

The Hardie Board panels are a cement board product of silica sand, cellulose fibers, and cement. It is extremely durable, long-lasting, and an ideal surface to finish with stone, veneer, or stucco to match the surroundings.

When fully assembled, you have a complete fire pit structure with the ventilation void at its center; ventilation holes are pre-cut, and vent covers are included with the enclosure.

Firepit Enclosures

Size and Shape Options For RTF Enclosures

Enclosures allow for a high degree of customization of your fire pit project, particularly concerning the finishing of your project.

Both HPC Fire and The Outdoor Plus company provide enclosures in the most popular/traditional shapes across a vast range of sizes.

Square, rectangular and linear shapes are well catered for, with sizes ranging from 36 x 36 inches to 84 x 84 inches for an example of square enclosures size options.

Both HPC Fire and The Outdoor Plus provide octagonal enclosures too.

HPC Fire offers a nice variation on the standard round, square and rectangular enclosures by adding a tapered version to those standard shapes.

HPC Tapered Enclosures

The Outdoor Plus company also has its own unique versions of the standard round, square and rectangular enclosures, the Table Form.

As the name suggests, the Table Form creates a Fire Table from the primary round, square, and rectangular shape.

TOPs Table Style Enclosures


There are excellent reasons why the professionals use these enclosures for their contracts.

Reducing on-site time and simplifying the project and eliminating the risk of errors while allowing them the flexibility to create a unique customized fire pit for their clients.

All of these benefits apply to a DIY project too. If you want to create a truly unique project with a finish that perfectly blends in with your surroundings, then there is no more straightforward and faster method than utilizing a fire pit enclosure.

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