Calculate How Much Fire Glass You Need

Fire Glass calculators are a great tool to help you work out accurately how much fire glass you need for your fire feature.

Most people are now aware that you can also use lava rock as a filler underneath your fire glass to reduce costs. So it helps to have a lava rock calculator too.

You’ll find we have both on The Magic Of Fire.

How To Use the Fire Glass Calculators

These calculators are calibrated for inches only, so please measure your fire features dimensions in inches. Do not enter fractions only whole numbers please.

The results from the calculators are in pounds weight.

Be sure when measuring the diameter of round fire pits that you are measuring across the center point of the fire pit.

Square, Linear, and Rectangular fire features can all use the same calculator. Just enter the length and width.

When calculating for a lava rock filler, measure from the base of the tray to the top of the burner. This will be the ‘depth’ of your lava rock filler.

For the top layer of glass, measure from the top of the burner to the top of the burner pan.