Lava Rock

Lava Rock and Tumbled Lava Stone come in four sizes for a rustic feel, creating a unique and stylish look.

Lava Rock

Forged in Fire

Lava Rock is created when volcanic rock or magma emerges onto the surface and gradually cools down, releasing gas that gives it a rugged, porous texture. Originating from volcanic activity, it is naturally equipped to withstand the relatively lower temperatures within a fire pit or fireplace

It had been used as the finishing touch in fire features for many years. More recently, it has had to share the limelight with more colorful fire glass. However, it can still have an important and practical function even if it does not have the starring role in your fire feature.

Tumbled Lava Rock In Action

Radiating Warmth: Tumbled Lava Stones Transforming a Fire Pit

Lava Rock used as Fire Pit Media

Tumbled lava stone is formed by placing rough and uneven pieces of lava rock into a machine known as a rock tumbler. The tumbler rotates the stones for an extended period of time while abrasives, such as sand or grit, are added. As the stones constantly rub against each other and the abrasives, the sharp edges and rough surfaces are gradually worn down and smoothed out.

The tumbling process mimics natural erosion, but it is accelerated and controlled. Over time, the lava stones become rounded, polished, and acquire a more uniform appearance. This process not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the stones but also makes them more comfortable to walk on and easier to handle in landscaping and decorative applications. Tumbled lava stones are often used in various landscaping projects, fire pits, and decorative designs due to their unique texture and color.

The Stones are too big to be used alone, without a filler to cover the burner which helps the gas spread safely, and evenly throughout the pan. Small-sized lava rock is perfect for this and as such is used in conjunction with not only the larger-sized stones or rock but also used as a filler base for Fire Logs or other fire ornaments. 

Volcanic Rock for fire pits can also be used by itself. In fact it can look pretty amazing! So much so that it is used in many different ways, for example lava rock used in landscaping can transform a backyard!

Lava Rock For Fire Pits - Filler

Fire Glass is twice as dense, which means that a 10 lb bag will only fill half the area/space as a 10 lb bag of lava rock.

People are often surprised by how much fire glass they need and the cost soon adds up. The ‘Pro Tip” here is to use small-sized or medium-sized Lava Rocks, as a filler underneath your fire glass. Generally, this reduces the quantity of fire glass you need by about half!

Read more about lava rock on the product page itself or check out our blog post How to use Fire Pit Rocks.

A diagram showing how to use Lava Rock underneath Fire Glass

Utilizing Lava Rock as a filler under Fire Glass

Diagram of a Fire Pit Pan with just Lava Rock

Stand Alone Lava Rock

Diagram of a Fire Pit Pan with Lava Rock Filler under larger Fire Stones

Using Lava Rock As A base For Fire Rock and Stones

Diagram of a Fire Pit Pan with Lava Rock Filler under larger Fire Glass

Utilizing Lava Rock as a filler Under Fire Glass

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