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Cazo Hammered Copper Fire Bowl The Outdoor Plus OPT-10x-xxNWF

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Cazo Hammered Copper Fire Bowl

The beautiful Cazo Hammered Copper Fire Bowl has a feeling of Spanish influence on its design. Manufactured from Hammered Copper, these Fire Bowls will, like all Copper, change their color into a blue/green hue over time when exposed to the natural elements.

The combination of design and material makes this a highly versatile Fire Bowl, equally at home in traditional, rustic surroundings, as it is in contemporary ones.

Hammered Copper Finish When New
Hammered Copper Finish When New

Cazo Hammered Copper Fire Bowls are available in three sizes and with two ignition options. The bowls come in 24 inches, 30 inches, and 36 inches in diameter.

The two ignition options are a Match Lit Ignition and a CSA Certified 12 Volt Electronic Ignition System.

Match Lit
Simple, straightforward forward, and low maintenance are the advantages of a Match Lit system. They are also the most budget-friendly systems, which reflects on the overall price of your fire pit.

To light, turn on the gas at the shutoff valve on the fire pit, and offer up a flame over the fire glass or lava rock.

You can adjust the flame via the shutoff valve.

To turn off the fire pit, turn the shutoff valve to the off position.

Electronic Ignition Systems
These Fire Bowls are fitted with a 12 Volt CSA Certified Electronic Ignition System, referred to a the Smart Weather Electronic Ignition System ( SWEIS )

The SWEIS units have been tested in rain, snow and 50+ mph winds. The Flame Sensing function monitors the flame and should it extinguish the system will make several attempts to relight it.

If the attempts at relighting fail, the system will automatically shut off the gas supply, preventing the build up of a potentially dangerous gas cloud.

This compact ignition system can be set up for control via a swimming pool system, remote control, App, or a home automated system to provide effortless control of your fire pit.

12V CSA Certified Ignition System

Read more about Ignition Options

Cazo Hammered Copper Fire Bowl Specifications:


Bowl Size

Top Bowl Diameter

24 Inches

30 Inches

36 inches

Bowl Height

10 inches

12 inches

12 inches

Base Diameter

10 inches

15 inches

15 inches

Burner Size

8 inches

8 inches

12 inches

BTU Rating




Fire Glass Quantity

20 lbs

35 lbs

50 lbs

Cazo Hammered Copper Fire Bowl Features:

  • Stunning Hammered Copper finish
  • 304 Grade Stainless Steel Burner with Lifetime Warranty
  • Match Lit or 12 Volt CSA Certified Ignition Options
  • Available in either Propane or Natural Gas Versions
  • Includes: Bowl, Match Lit Kit or CSA Certified Electronic Ignition System; Fire Pan/Plate, Burner, Nipple & Lava Rock
  • Made in The USA
Cazo 24 Inch Hammered Copper Fire Bowl
Cazo 24 Inch Hammered Copper Fire Bowl

Installation Manuals:

12 Volt Electronic Ignition – Fire bowl Installation Manual

Match Lit Fire Bowl Installation Manual


Purchasing Terms – Cazo Hammered Copper Fire Bowl

The vast majority of The Outdoor Plus products including, but not limited to fire pits, pans and burners, are made to order, and therefore are subject to slightly different Terms of Purchase:

  1. Orders may be cancelled at no cost within 7 days of receipt of the order.
  2. Beyond 7 days from the receipt of order, orders may be cancelled. A cancellation fee of 25% may be charged at the discretion of the manufacturer.
  3. Returns are acceptable for the following reasons:

If the product is damaged in transit ( please inform us within 48 hrs with photos of the damage ), please refuse delivery if damage is obvious on the exterior  ( photos please )

If the incorrect product is supplied

If the product is faulty ( The Outdoor Plus reserve the right to attempt to fix the issue )



The Outdoor Plus

The Outdoor Plus ( T.O.P. ) company is rightly proud of its Made in America badge.

They manufacture, by hand, all their fire pits, fire bowls, fire and water features, and burners at their 70,000 square foot facility in Ontario, California.

With 75 years of experience, it is no surprise that they are among the most innovative companies in our industry. Not only with their designs, but also with the materials that they utilize.

The Outdoor Plus was one of the first companies to use Glass fiber Reinforced Concrete ( GFRC ) and Corten Steel to manufacture fire pits.

They are renowned for their fire and water features too.

Fire and Water Bowl

Across all their fire pit ranges, there is a wide variety of colors, textures, and finishes available. You would be hard-pressed not to find just what you need.

If the more traditional look is what you need, the range of copper fire pits and fire bowls is stunning.

However, The Outdoor Plus company is probably best known for its patented Bullet Burners.

The Outdoor Plus Bullet Burner
The Outdoor Plus Bullet Burner

These remarkable Fire Pit Burners produce a much taller flame than conventional burners and amazingly use less gas doing so!

Download The Outdoor Plus catalog and take your time browsing the products and getting inspired for your project.

T.O.P.s logo

Additional information

Select Size

24" Diameter, 30" Diameter, 36" Diameter

Select Ignition ( T.O.P.s )

12V Electronic Ignition, Match Lit

Select Gas Type

Liquid Propane, Natural Gas