Rectangular Drop-In Pan With Flame Sensing Kit

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Rectangular – CSA Certified Flame Sensing Fire Pit Kit

The Rectangular Drop-In Pan with Flame Sensing Kit from American Fireglass provides an excellent balance of quality, safety, and easy installation.

The Flame Sensing Ignition System has received CSA Certification under ANS Z21.97-2014/CSA 2.41-2014, Outdoor Decorative Gas Appliance.

This certification demonstrates that the Ignition system has been tested and approved for use in the USA and Canada by one of the world’s leading testing laboratories and may be required by local authorities for fire pits, particularly those for commercial use.

What Is a Flame Sensing Ignition System?

Flame Sensing Technology provides an additional level of safety for your fire pit by monitoring the presence of a flame. If this is extinguished, the system automatically shuts off the gas flow, preventing a potentially hazardous gas build-up.

The Fire Pit Flame Sensing Ignition System uses a battery-powered, rapid spark ignition to light the fire pit.

Operating the Fire Pit via a Control Panel

To turn on your fire pit, just turn the control knob to the “on” position and push the red button. Use the knob to control the flame height.

Flame Sensing Kit Control Panel

Benefits of the Rectangular Drop-In Pan With Flame Sensing Kit

• The system is easy to install.

• The entire unit is shipped pre-assembled. Fire Pit tray with H-burner

• Ideal systems for a DIY project, are easy to install and provide the highest level of safety available – Flame Sensing Safety technology.

Rectangular Drop-In Pan with Flame Sensing Kit Features:

• The gas holes in the burner are drilled to ensure a smooth flow of gas out of the port.

• Manufactured from 304-grade Stainless Steel ensures the durability of the unit.

• The pan ‘drops’ into the cutout created in the top surface of your fire pit structure and sits securely on the flange, making an attractive ‘framing’ around the fire pit tray circumference.

• The Drop-In Pan has a generous 1 1/4-inch lip or flange around the recessed pan, making installation simple.

• Drainage Holes in the base of the pan.

Cross section of a fire pit with a drop-in pan

The pan’s lip or flange rests on the surface of the fire pit


Rectangular Drop-In Pan with Flame Sensing Kit Specifications:

Available in five sizes.

The Drop-In Fire Pit Pan has a generous 1 1/4-inch lip or flange. The size of the pan is the internal dimension of the base of the pan and does not include the flange/lip.

The Unit ships ready for use with Propane but the Natural Gas Option will come with a converting kit. Ensure you select the correct Gas type.

Battery operated – AA

For use in Outdoor Vented natural gas or propane Fire Features ONLY

Installation by a Certified NFI Professional Recommended


Pan Size 18″ x 6″  – Lip 1.25″ – Overall  20.5″ x 8.5″ – BTU rating 65,000 – Cut out dimensions 19″ x 7″ – Fire Glass 11lbs

Pan Size 24″ x 8″  – Lip 1.25″ – Overall  26.5″ x 10.5″ – BTU rating 65,000 – Cut out dimensions 25″ x 9″ – Fire Glass 20lbs

Pan Size 30″ x 10″ – Lip 1.25″ – Overall 32.5″ x 12.5″ – BTU rating 65,000 – Cut out dimensions 31″ x 11″ – Fire Glass 31lbs

Pan Size 36″ x 12″  – Lip 1.25″ – Overall 38.5″ x 14.5″ – BTU rating 65,000 – Cut out dimensions 37″ x 13″ – Fire Glass 45lbs

Pan Size 48″ x 14″  – Lip 1.25″ – Overall 50.5″ x 16.5″ – BTU rating 95,000 – Cut out dimensions 49″ x 15″ – Fire Glass 71lbs



American Fire Glass manufactures matching stainless steel fire pit covers that sit neatly over the fire pit tray.

The stainless steel fire lids are designed to work with the corresponding rectangular wind guard.

Did you know you can reduce the amount of fire glass you need and save money by using lava rock as a filler. Take a look at our article ‘ Save Money On Fire Glass.’



CSA Safety Certified Fire Pit Kits are backed by the American Fire Glass Lifetime Guarantee.


Rectangular – CSA Certified Fire Pit Kit – Download

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