Linear Drop In Trays with S.I.T. Electronic Ignition

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Linear Drop In Trays with S.I.T. Electronic Ignition

Building an outdoor gas fire pit with Smart Ignition Technology will not only help provide not only family-friendly safety features, you also get to enjoy the benefits of your fire pit at the mere flick of a switch or press of a button!

Stainless Steel Linear Drop In Trays with S.I.T. Electronic Ignition and Gas Connections
Includes Pan and Burner, Smart Ignition Technology System, and Gas Connections

Smart Ignition Technology System

This system provides the highest level of safety, ensuring peace of mind!

  • The S.I.T. System monitors the presence of a flame, and if this is not detected, automatically makes multiple attempts to re-light. In the event it fails to relight, the system automatically closes the internal gas valve as a safety precaution.
  • Flame sensing technology may be necessary for those who live in an area where such safety features are required by local code!  
  • The American Fireglass S.I.T. system is the smallest electronic ignition system available on the market making it the ideal choice for fire bowls as well as other fire pit features.
  • You can choose whether to wire your fire pit to a wall switch or the fire pit remote control (add-on) to operate the fire pit.

When not in regular use, or to prevent accidental ignition, it is recommended that you turn off the gas supply at the gas shutoff valve. A listed gas shut-off valve is required by the Code to be installed prior to the location of the appliance.


The Pan & Burner

Pans are important components of a fire pit, they not only support the burner but can be easily removed when access is required for maintenance, they also greatly reduce the amount of fire glass you will need for that perfect finish, saving you money.

In the case of LP applications, they also provide a barrier allowing the air mixer to function efficiently. This barrier also reduces the amount of unburnt LP that can pool below the burner, which is not something you want to happen!

Drop-in Trays are designed to sit in an opening of about 1″ bigger than the quoted tray size, resting securely on its generous lip. The tray size relates to the dimensions of the base and excludes the 1 ¼” support rim. The pans themselves are 2″ deep.

  • Pan and the Burner are made of 100% high-grade 304 stainless steel.
  • The gas holes in the burner are drilled, not punched ensuring a smoother flow of gas, a better flame, and preventing whistling noises.
  • Weep holes are drilled in the bottom of the Pan to allow for drainage, preventing water accumulation.

The pan comes with a built-in T-Burner. Linear Burners have a distinctive, long, single curtain of flame and suit long narrow fire pits or fire tables.

Pan Sizes

What to Consider:

  • American Fire Glass S.I.T. Linear Fire Pit Kits are for outdoor, vented, fire features ONLY.
  • The Liquid Propane version is intended for whole house propane supply only
  • Ventilation:
    • Install a minimum of 18 square inches of ventilation at the bottom on at least two opposing walls of the enclosure.
    • Vents provide airflow which avoids overheating the components and allows the air mixer to function properly.
    • Drainage – Sufficient drainage must be included in the design to prevent components from becoming submerged.
    • The S.I.T. valve box requires a minimum of one cubic foot of space beneath the bottom of the tray for installation.
  • Gas Installations
    • Take into consideration your available BTUs at the fire pit site when choosing a tray/burner size. Ensure you have sufficient gas pressure to operate your Fire Pit.
    • For more information on this please read our post – How to successfully build a gas fire pit.
  • Kit Installation
    • Certified NFI Professional Recommended


Linear Drop In Trays with S.I.T. Electronic Ignition Specifications:



The Fireglass Quantity is the minimum required as recommended by the manufacturer. Fireglass is not included. Please see our Fireglass Selection for more details.

S.I.T. Fire Pit Electronic Ignition System

  • Flame / Heat Sense: Thermopile
  • Ignition Type: Hot Surface Ignition (Glow Plug)
  • Ignition Sequence: Intermittent Pilot
  • Ignition Source: Pilot
  • S.I.T. Max. Btu Output: 290K Btu/hr
  • Inlet / Outlet Size: 1/2″ FPT with the 6″-18″ Burners
  • Operating Voltage: 24 volts ac
  • Inlet Gas Press: Limit: 2.0 PSI
  • 24V Transformer

Gas Connections

  • Fire Pit Gas Safety Shut-Off Valve
  • Key Valve and Key
  • Two Gas Flex Lines



Pan & Burner – 5-year limited warranty, Kit – 1-year limited warranty


Linear Drop In Trays with S.I.T. Electronic Ignition downloads:

American Fire Glass S.I.T. Linear Fire Pit Kits    SIT System Install Instructions
American Fire Glass S.I.T. Linear Fire Pit Kits    AFG SIT System Spec Sheet

The manufacturer reserves the right to alter the specifications at any time without prior notification.


Prop 65Prop. 65 Warning: This product may contain compounds known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm. For more information see www.p65warnings.ca.gov/

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