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HPC Electronic Ignition Rectangle Insert Torpedo H Burner

This is from HPC’s top-of-the-range Electronic Ignition Series, providing a high degree of safety and control of your gas fire pit. Several features set it apart.

  • The presence of the Safety Pilot flame ensures the main burner gas will flow, keeping the fire pit alight. However, if the flame is blown out, the gas supply shuts down preventing a potentially hazardous build-up or pooling of gas.
  • The system will then automatically commence the Start sequence, relighting your fire pit. All this without any assistance or input from the fire pit user.
  • The EI range has options that allow the fire pit to be operated and controlled by a wall switch, remote control, whole house system, or even a Bluetooth app on your phone!
  • And then there’s the Torpedo Burner featuring a nozzle that is precision-engineered and according to HPC develops a bigger, warmer flame without excessive gas consumption.


What are the Options when ordering

The HPC Electronic Ignition Rectangle Insert Torpedo H Burner comes in a range of sizes and a variety of options to ensure that you end up with the ideal fire pit kit for your requirements.

Select Your Size
The HPC Electronic Ignition Rectangle Insert Torpedo H Burner has two models.
The On/Off version is available in eight sizes. The Hi/Lo units are available in seven sizes

Select Your Gas
The kits are available in either natural gas or propane versions.  Please note that the EI Series is not for use with small LP Tanks and must utilize permanent fixed piping for fuel supply.

Select Your Model
What is the difference between the two models of the HPC Electronic Ignition Rectangle Insert Torpedo H Burner?
On/Off – This model allows your fire pit to be switched On and Off by a wall switch, your whole house system. To make this a remote controlled fire pit, the On/off system has a Remote Control add-on but only for the 120 VAC model.
High/Low  – Included with this model is a Smart Remote which allows for the flame height to be set to either High or Low. The Low setting creates a 45% reduction in flame height. The remote also receives information from the fire pit to advise users of the fire pit status (flashing LED).  Although this system cannot be used with your whole house system it can be controlled via a Smart Device Bluetooth App. The built-in antenna enables a reliable connection to Apple and Android phones and allows for control of your fire pit from as far away as 20 feet.  The free Bluetooth Smart App incorporates a timer, troubleshooting codes, total operational hours, and internal temp monitoring.

Select Your Voltage
The EI range is available in 120VAC or 24VAC versions. 24VAC is typically used poolside or with other lower voltage requirements.
A Class II 24VAC, 4 amp, 100 W transformer must be used to power the fire pit and be able to be switched on and off from a remote location to allow for easy access or emergency. The Fire Pit will not perform properly if the power supply rating is below 100W or the wire size is too small.
HPC highly recommends the HPC SEBCO 100W Power Supplies for low voltage installations available in the Accessories and Components section of this website.

Hand with HPC Remote control, mobile phone and tablet with HPC Fire App - Options for lighting the HPC Hi/Low Electronic Ignition Fire Pit

The High/Low models include the Smart Remote Control and the ability to operate the fire pit via the HPC Fire App from your mobile device

Hand holding a the On/off Electronic Fire Pit Ignition Remote ControlRemote Control add-on available for the On/off model



How does it Work?

The HPC Electronic Ignition Rectangle Insert Torpedo H Burner  once installed is remarkably easy to use.

  • Start-Up: Turn the Unit on using the wall switch, remote control, or App depending on your model and setup. When the ON command is received, the system completes initial safety checks and then starts the flow of pilot gas. After 5 seconds, the 24v Hot surface Igniter glows, igniting the pilot flame. When the system confirms the pilot flame is present, the main burner gas will flow to be ignited by the pilot flame.
  • Operation: While enjoying the ambiance of your fire pit, the system is at work monitoring flame status, internal temperatures/voltages, and other safety parameters. If flame loss does occur, the system will turn off all gas flow and then restart by automatically commencing the Start sequence.
  • Turning off: This can be done via the wall switch, remote control, App, or whole house system depending on your setup.


The HPC Electronic Ignition Rectangle Insert Torpedo H Burner Components

The HPC Rectangular Electronic Ignition Fire Pit Kit comes fully assembled and ready to install. These Fire Pit kits comprise a Stainless Steel Rectangle Insert and Torpedo H-burner with an EI (Electronic Ignition) system mounted to the underside protected within a stainless steel valve box.
HPC Rectangle Bowl Inserts are manufactured from 304-grade stainless steel, the base of which has drainage holes to prevent the accumulation of water. The side walls help with media retention as well as adding rigidity to the pan structure. The Pans are 2.5″ deep. The Lip is 1.3″. The drop-in pan design makes for a straightforward, easy installation process, in which the pan sits within a cutout on the top surface of the fire pit structure, supported by the generous lip. 
Fitted with the spectacular new Torpedo H-Burner, which features a nozzle that is precision-engineered and according to HPC develops a bigger, warmer flame without excessive gas consumption. For more detailed information regarding the exciting new range of Torpedo Burners, please refer to the Torpedo Burners page.


The HPC Rectangular Electronic Ignition Fire Pit Specifications

Sizing information: The Unit Size reflects the inside diameter of the pan (the base) and does not include the 1.3” lip.

For more detailed information the technical drawings and installation manuals are available to download at the bottom of this page.

Insert Size 24″ x 12″ – Torpedo Burner Size 18″ x 6″ – BTUs  115,000 – Fire Glass 40lbs

Insert Size 30″ x 12″ – Torpedo Burner Size 24″ x 6″ – BTUs  150,000 – Fire Glass 40lbs

Insert Size 36″ x 14″ – Torpedo Burner Size 30″ x 8″ – BTUs  175,000 – Fire Glass 60lbs

Insert Size 42″ x 14″ – Torpedo Burner Size 36″ x 8″ – BTUs  200,000 – Fire Glass 70lbs

Insert Size 54″ x 16″ – Torpedo Burner Size 48″x 10″  – BTUs 250,000 – Fire Glass 100lbs

Insert Size 66″ x 16” – Torpedo Burner Size 60″ x 10″ – BTUs 300,000 – Fire Glass 120lbs

Insert Size 78″ x 16″ – Torpedo Burner Size 72″ x 10″ – BTUs 350,000 – Fire Glass 140lbs

Insert Size 90″ x 16″ – Torpedo Burner Size 84″ x 10″ – BTUs 400,000 – Fire Glass 160lbs  (ON/OFF model only)


The HPC Electronic Ignition Fire Pit Features:

HPC Fire incorporates several features into its designs with the objective in mind to ensure its products function safely, and correctly, and have a long lifespan. Here are a few examples:

  • Water infiltration into the burner and then running back through the gas lines is a significant issue. Both HPC Standard Burners and Torpedo Burners deal with this in several ways. Each of the five-burner lobes has weep holes allowing any water that got in to drain out of the burner before it flows back into the gas lines. The center hub of the burner is raised and sealed to prevent water from leaking into the burner.
  • All HPCs Electronic Ignition models feature a ‘drip leg’ designed to divert water from the electronics.
  • The Electronic Ignition and Flame Sensing ranges feature a thermocouple sensor that will automatically turn off the gas supply should a strong wind blow out the flames. However, this would be rare because the pilot light is encased in a ‘blow out box’ that protects it from the wind, enabling the pilot to relight the flame.
  • Spiders, yes spiders! Spiders are attracted to the smell of Propane and build nests in and around Propane gas fittings, often creating a blockage. As a result, on all CSA Certified Kits, HPC supplies a mesh spider guard to prevent the spiders from building their nests and creating a blockage.


Other features:

  • Fully Assembled – ready to install. 
  • Start via wall switch or remote control;
  • Internal temperature monitoring with overheating auto-shutoff. 
  • Auto re-light if the flame is lost.
  • Ignition is complete using a robust and reliable hot-surface igniter.
  • On/Off models: Use with optional wall switch, Remote Control, or your whole house system.
  • High/Low Flame Control Models: Adjust the high setting to the low setting- ~45% turndown (Remote Control included). Not for use with your whole house system.
  • 120vac: Standard outdoor grounded power cord- just plug into GFCI outlet.
  • 24vac option: Typically used with lower voltage requirements.
  • Natural Gas or Liquid Propane: Factory-built & tested for either fuel.
  • Made from #304, 18 gauge Stainless Steel





  • Stainless Steel Outdoor Burners -Lifetime Warranty
  • Stainless Steel Pan, Valve Box – Limited Warranty – Commercial 1 year – Residential 5 years
  • Electronics, Gas Valve -Limited Warranty – Commercial 1 year – Residential 3 years
  • Pilot Assembly -Limited Warranty – Commercial 1 year – Residential 2 year


Recommendations, Optional Extras, and Links to the products on The Magic Of Fire

  • HPC recommends installing a wall switch along with any of the remote-controlled units as it creates layers of protection and security when the switch is in the off position the device will not turn on. This will give our consumers peace of mind that if a child gets a hold of a remote or the frequency is synced with another device the unit will remain in the off position as long as the switch is off. A great option for this is the HPC Commercial Grade Emergency Stop
  • The On/Off Remote Control which is an optional extra as stated above
  • The HPC SEBCO 24vac Power Supply Transformer recommended by HPC for use with the 24VAC Option
  • HPC offers several timers that allow owners to set a designated burn time and will automatically turn off the appliance once the time has expired.

HPC Electronic Ignition Rectangle Insert Torpedo H Burner Downloads

HPC Electronic Ignition Rectangle Insert Torpedo H Burner ON/OFF Instructions    Download
HPC Electronic Ignition Rectangle Insert Torpedo H Burner HI/LO Instructions    Download
HPC 24 Volt Installation Diagram.    Download
HPC Rectangle Bowl EI drawing   Download


Prop 65WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including LEAD AND LEAD COMPOUNDS, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov/

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