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Fire Pit Kits with Electronic Ignition

Fire Pit Kits with Electronic Ignition

Electronic Ignition Fire Pit Inserts provide the highest level of safety available for a gas fire pit. They are also, by far, the most complex ignition systems.

You can effortlessly ignite your fire pit with the flick of a wall switch, by using a mobile app on your phone or even via your Smart Home system!

Electronic Ignition (EI) systems also monitor for the presence of a flame like the Flame Sensing (FS) Ignition systems, however they take it one magical step further!

If the flame is blown out or extinguished for any reason, the FS system will simply cut off the gas supply whereas the EI system makes several attempts to relight the flame. Only if that fails will the system shut off the gas supply.

The ability to relight the fire pit may seem a bit a luxury, but in some cases it may serve as a practical solution and even deemed necessary under certain circumstances.

In places like restaurants, hotels, and casinos, where the fire pit serves as a prominent attraction, these establishments aim for the highest degree of safety as well as minimal staff involvement in keeping the fire pit alight. Local Codes may even require it!

Remote Control coupled with the auto-relight facility of an Electronic Ignition Fire Pit Insert is the ideal solution for fire features spread around a pool or landscaped area.

110V Plug 'N Play Electronic Ignition

Available Options

The Electronic Ignition System itself is available as a stand-alone product but it is essential for the safe and effective operation of the fire pit to ensure that it is compatible with both the gas supply and the BTU per rating of the fire pit burner. Manufacturers usually only supply stand-alone EI units for replacing old or damaged units.

An Electronic Ignition Fire Pit Insert or Kit usually consists of a fire pit tray and burner, the Valve Box suspended beneath the pan, and any other necessary accessories and connections. Not only are these individual components compatible, but in some cases the entire kit will be Certified. For more information please read our short article on Fire Pit Certification.

The kits are sold for use either with Propane or Natural Gas and are not interchangeable.

In most cases, an Electronic Ignition installation will require a mains electrical feed to the fire pit. However, there are also battery-powered electronic ignition systems available, with the option of an A/C adaptor for continuous power supply.

Low Voltage Systems are available for fire features close to water, or even those where water forms part of the feature, such as Fire & Water Bowls.

Electronic Ignition systems offer several options, including downloadable Apps to control your fire feature via phone or tablet, remote controls, and compatibility with most ‘whole house’ and pool control installations.


HPC Fire 120 VAC Outdoor On/Off Remote Control

Brands and their EI Systems

American Fire Glass 

S.I.T. S. – Smart Ignition Technology Systems. Operates on 24 Volts AC. Includes a 24VAC Transformer.

Remote Control is an optional add-on. Can be wired to a pool controller. A Battery Powered Fire Pit Ignition System is also available.

FireGear Outdoors 

AWS – All Weather System.

The Outdoor Plus 

SWEIS – Smart Weather Electronic Ignition System. Two models – Plug and Play (110 VAC) and the Low Voltage (12 VAC) options. 

Both can be wired up to your smart house system or an on/off switch, a timer, or a remote control, all of which are optional add-ons

The 12VAC option can be wired to a pool controller and also has an optional Bluetooth system add-on, compatible with Android and Apple iOS. The transformer is included.

For every style and size of pan The Outdoor Plus have two burner options, a standard burner and a bullet burner. You can find out more on the Bullet Burners page.

HPC Fire 

Two series, the Hi/Lo and the On/Off. Both have a 120 Volt model and a 24 Volt model. 

The On/Off series can be wired to your smart home system, a standard light switch, a timer, or a remote control, all of which are optional add-ons. 

The Hi/Lo includes a remote control which allows for adjustment to the flame height. Also included is the ability for the user to control and monitor the fire pit from their smartphone or tablet using HPC’s very own APP.  

The 24VAC models require the HPC/Sebco100W power supply which is an add-on.

HPC Fire are currently phasing out some of their Linear and H standard burners. Once stocks of these are depleted the Kits will be only be available with the Torpedo Burner. For more information on these head over to the SST Torpedo Burners page.

Electronic Ignition Requirements

Available for both Propane and Natural Gas but not interchangeable.

Venting and the drainage of any fire pit structure is essential, and even more so for EI.  Be sure to follow the manufacturers’ guidance in this respect.

The manufacturer will specify clearances for underneath the Valve box as well as the general clearances for the fire pit. The distances relate to the BTU/hr rating of the burner.

Fire Pits must have a gas shutoff on the outside of the exterior of the fire pit to allow for emergency shut-off and maintenance and should NOT be used to adjust the flame height. We have several models on our Fire Pit Components Page

Installation must conform with local codes or, in the absence of local codes, with the National Fuel Gas Code, ANSI Z223.1 / NFPA 54, or International Fuel Gas Code and the National Electrical Code (NEC), NFPA 70.

Manufacturers recommend that products be installed by gas professionals locally licensed by the authority having jurisdiction in gas piping and certified electricians.


Custom Made Electronic Ignition Fire Pits

For those looking for a unique fire feature, help is at hand.  We work closely with two manufacturers that have helped us provide customers with the opportunity to express their unique style and taste, creating a one-of-a-kind centerpiece for their outdoor space.

Custom fire pits can be tailored to fit any size or design specification opening the door to many exciting possibilities.

For more information please call us on the phone number at the top of the page or use the Contact Us Form at the bottom.