Electronic Ignition kits

Electronic Ignition ( EI ) for fire pits offers the highest level of safety available. All the major manufactures have a version, and some such as those from Firegear Outdoors will provide the same level of protection but via battery power. No mains electrical feed required.

What all the systems have in common, though, is that they continuously monitor the flame. If the flame were to extinguish accidentally, the Electronic Ignition system makes several attempts to relight the flame. If that fails, then it automatically shuts off the gas flow.

Shutting down the gas flow removes the risk of a dangerous gas cloud forming.

Because of the high level of safety provided by Electronic Ignition systems, they are particularly appropriate for locations where Public liability may be a concern, such as Casinos, Hotels, and Restaurants etc.
Building Codes often specify EI for this reason.

To light a basic EI system fire pit, just requires the flick of a switch, which can be located wherever it’s convenient, even inside your home. Most systems also have the option to upgrade to a remote control version and control via downloadable Apps to your phone or tablet.

Take some time to browse through the systems we have available; you’re sure to find what you need. If you’re not sure whta you need, please do not hesitate to reach out to us for some advice.