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Easy to install - Low maintenance - Great value

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Push button ignition - Battery operated

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Shuts off gas if flame goes out - Battery operated

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System relights extinguished flame - Shuts off gas if flame does not relight

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What are Fire Pit Kits?​

Fire Pit Kits are a set of individual compatible fire pit components offered as a kit from a Brands range of products.

The price point of this combination of components is less than purchasing the parts individually.

The Fire Pit Kits offer the user the confidence that all the essential parts are compatible and quick and easy to install, and resulting in a good flame for their fire pit.

What do Fire Pit Kits Include?

In general, a fire pit kit will include a pan or tray with a burner. A gas line from the burner to either shut-off or a key valve is supplied. Some kits will provide a second gas line from the key valve to the gas feed, or in the case of a propane kit, a propane regulator

There are four different kinds of fire pit kits, defined by the Ignition System included with the kit:

  • Match Lit ( also referred to as Match Light or Match Throw )
  • Spark Ignition
  • Flame Sensing
  • Electronic Ignition

The same fire pit pan and burner are used throughout the Ignition System options, but, that’s where the similarities end.

Firegear Match Lit and Electronic Ignition Kits
A Match Lit and Electronic Ignition Fire Pit Kit from Firegear - the same pan and burner for both fire pit kits

The Match Lit systems are very straightforward compared to a highly sophisticated Electronic Ignition system, but they will have the same pan and burner.

Fire Pit Kits are ideal for contractors and DIY projects. They provide quick and easy installation and the confidence that all the components will work together.

Fire Pit Kits are supplied complete with Ignition systems and are available in four configurations, ranging from the straight forward Match Lit systems to the highly sophisticated Electronic Ignition versions.

These systems are only suitable for outdoor fire pits and outdoor fireplaces. We would recommend selecting fire pit kits with fire pit pan and burner manufactured from stainless steel.

Several of the leading brands now provide Lifetime Warranties on the pan and burners which  are at the core of the these fire pit kits.

All the following Fire Pit Kits and ignition systems are fully compatible with fire glass and lava rocks and are available in Natural Gas or Propane versions.

Fire Pit Kits are also available in all the standard sizes and shapes of the manufacturers, square, round, rectangular and linear and in flat and drop in pan versions. 

Several of the leading manufactures have at least some of their ranges tested and certified by either UL or CSA , two of the leading Certification laboratories.

Match Lit Ignition Systems

A match lit fire pit kit system is the simplest of the Ignition Systems. You open the gas valve manually using the gas valve key and light the burner with a long match or taper. Adjusting the flame height and turning off the fire pit is also performed via the shut off valve.

Match Lit systems are straightforward to install and maintain, and no electrical feed is required

Fire Pit Kits
A Firegear Outdoors Square Flat Pan Match Lit Kit

Spark Ignition Systems

A step up from the match lit system. An ignitor probe installed next to the burner is connected by an electrical cable to a push-button unit.

The best place to install the Push Button unit is on the outer surface of the fire pit structure, in an easily accessible position adjacent to the shut-off valve.

The user turns on the gas via the shut off valve and then presses the button causing the probe to spark, igniting the burner. No electrical supply is necessary. The push-button houses the battery in the body of the push button unit, so it is easily accessible.

American Fireglass Linear Tray with Spark Ignition Fire Pit Kit

Flame Sensing Ignition Systems

These safety systems have various names depending on the manufacturer. In essence, it is a failsafe system that cuts off the gas supply if the fire pit flame goes out.

The Automatic flame sensor or “thermocouple” located in the ignition system is to detect the presence of flames and to close the gas line if the flame is extinguished.

The system is battery powered. The fire pit is lit via the control panel and the push of a button.

These fire pit kits are fully assembled and ready for installation. All the connections from the control panel to the fire pit tray are completed at the factory.

American Fireglass Rectangular Tray with Flame Sensing Fire Pit Kit

Electronic Ignition Systems

Electronic Ignition systems function in much the same way as flame sensing systems. The fire pit flame is continuously monitored, and the gas supply is automatically shut off in the unlikely event that the flame goes out.

The flame monitoring is also carried out by a thermocouple.

Where they differ, however, is that before the system cuts off the gas, it will make several attempts to re-lit the fire pit before it finally shuts off the gas supply if the flame fails to re-light.

Electronic systems also have many different options for operation. The fire pit lights with just the flick of a switch located anywhere you can get an electrical feed.

HPC Fire Rpund Drop In Tray with Electronic Ignition

Often the switch is installed in the house so that you can light the fire pit without even having to go outside. All systems also have remote control options for ignition, and several can be operated via downloaded Apps on your mobile phone or Tablet.

Electronic ignition systems are ideal for commercial installations such as Hotels, Casinos, and Restaurants They provide a high degree of safety and don’t require to be constantly monitored by humans as the system itself takes care of this.

Code and ordinances often specify electronic ignition for gas fire pits that are accessible to the general public because of their high level of safety.

The complexity of the electronic ignition systems allows the leading manufactures to go to town on the design of their systems.

American Fireglass concentrate on durability and practicality. Their SIT system is one of the most compact units on the market, making them ideal for fitting into fire bowls and other fire features where space beneath the pan is limited. They are also extremely durable.

The American Fireglass SIT Electronic Ignition system is the most compact on the market. Less than 5" x 5" x 5"
Firegear Outdoors Electronic Ignition system can run on batteries and is ideal for locations where it is impossible to install an electrical supply, but provides all the features of an Electronic Ignition system. If there is power available, however, the addition of an electrical adaptor removes the need for the batteries.

Ventilation for Electronic Ignition Systems

Fire Pit Structure Ventilation
Venting Your Fire Pit Structure

All gas fire pit structures must be ventilated irrespective of the kind of ignition that is being used. Unfortunately, this is an often overlooked aspect of fire pit projects.

It is vital for fire pits with Electronic Ignition to have adequate ventilation. It gets very hot inside a fire pit structure, and without sufficient ventilation, the system could overheat and fail.

The industry standard is to provide 36 sq. inches of ventilation in total, 18 sq. inches on two opposing sides of the fire pit structure.

However, some manufacturers recommend even more ventilation for their Electronic Ignition systems. Therefore it is essential to check the specifications of the unit you wish to use to ensure you provide the recommended amount of ventilation in your fire pit structure.

Pro Tip – many of the Fire Pit Kits available on our website are supplied with Safety Certificates from industrial testing laboratories such as CSA and UL. 

Such Certification may be required to comply with local codes and regulations.

If that is the case, be sure to select fire pit kits with the correct Certification. 

They are certified to the same specification, ANSI Z21.97-2014/CSA 2.41-2014, but if local codes and regulations stipulate CSA Certification is required, they will not accept Certification from UL testing laboratories, and vice versa.