Fire Bowls

Gas Fire Pit Bowls

Fire Bowls come in all different shapes and sizes. They are manufactured from a variety of materials as diverse as Corten Steel to GFRC ( Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete ) and, of course, the timeless favorite, Copper.

In general, the design of a fire bowl does not lend itself to any practical purpose, such as being able to put your plate or beer down on the upper surface. Nor do fire bowls lend themselves to be a great place for your guest to gather around and chat. They tend to be too low for that.

Fire Bowls are for aesthetic effect. They are often used to delineate an area such as around a swimming pool or areas of landscaping or hardscaping.

Sedona Copper Vein Fire Bowl

A fire bowl either side of your entrance gateway makes a pretty good first impression.

Often, fire bowls sit atop of pedestals for a Romanesque effect.

Of course, the term Fire Bowl is generic; our selection includes the spectacular looking Fire and Water bowls, just Water Bowls and even Planters that match so that you can maintain a theme of color and style running through your landscape design.

There must also be a special mention for Copper Bowls, which are available as Fire, Fire and Water Bowl, or just as a Water Bowl or Planter.

The natural aging of the Copper over the years has made the Copper fire bowl the most popular choice.

Copper Fire and Water Bowl
A Copper Fire and Water Bowl

Most manufacturers offer their fire pit bowls with two ignition options, manual and electronic ignition. Quite often, fire bowls are installed some distance from your main living area.

In such cases, it is highly recommended to opt for the Electronic Ignition option. These systems continuously monitor the flame, and should it accidentally extinguish, the system makes several attempts to relight it, and should that fail, it automatically shuts off the gas, preventing the build-up of a dangerous gas cloud.

Fire Bowls make a great addition to your landscaping design, and there is such a wide range of sizes, shapes, colors, and textures that you are sure to find the perfect one for your needs.

The OutdoorPlus has a range of Planter Bowls that are an exact match for your fire bowl.