Fire Pit Lids

Fire Pit Lids

Fire Pit Lids allow you to get more use from your fire pit, reduce the amount of maintenance it may require, and extend the fire pit and its components working life.

A fairly bold statement, you might think! So let’s look into it in a little more detail.

How does a fire pit lid allow you to get more use from your fire pit?

If your fire feature is exposed to the elements, then during rain, it will get wet.

Good quality fire pit pans and trays will have drain holes, preventing the ‘swimming pool’ effect.

But how long ago was it that you last checked the drain holes weren’t blocked. Over time dust, dirt and debris will inevitably collect at the bottom of the fire pit tray and potentially block the drain holes.

Blocked drain holes could lead to an accumulation of water in the tray and the water level then becoming high enough that it enters the gas holes in the burner and runs back through the system.

All this occurs out of sight underneath your fire glass or lava rock so that you won’t know it’s happening.

A fire pit tray exposed to rain and or snow should be allowed to dry thoroughly before lighting.

Providing your fire feature was covered during the rain; you would be able to light it as soon as the rain stops.

Wind Guard and Fire Pit Lid
Wind Guard and Fire Pit Lid

To maintain your fire pit correctly, you should regularly check the drain holes in your tray or burner pan to make sure they are not blocked.

This is not an arduous task but does involve removing the fire glass or lava rock to access the drain holes.

To maintain your fire glasses’ lustrous shine, you may find it necessary to clean it periodically because it may become coated with dust and dirt particles.

Wash the fire glass with a 50/50 mixture of water and white household vinegar, then thoroughly rinse and dry before replacing it in the fire pit.

Inspecting the drain holes and cleaning the fire glass will probably not be required more than once a season if your fire pit is covered when not in use.

If it is open to the elements, on the other hand, then you would be well advised to inspect the drain holes several times per year. You would be amazed at how much dust and debris can collect in an exposed fire pit tray.

Finally, by keeping dirt, dust, and water out of your fire pit, you will extend its lifespan. Moisture entering the burner is one of the most common causes of burner damage.

All top-quality fire pit pans and burners such as those sold on our website will be manufactured from Stainless Steel. Some even carry Lifetime Warranties.

Due to the products’ quality, it is unlikely that your fire pit will fail because it has not been covered. However, well-maintained equipment performs optimally, and taking care of your fire pit will make it last longer.

Fabric Covers vs. Steel Fire Pit Lids

At The Magic Of Fire, we feel that the choice between using a fabric cover versus a Steel Lid is one based on how often you use your fire pit and whether or not you have a wind guard in place.

Steel Fire Pit Lids and Fabric Covers are almost as equally effective as each other, and both could be left in place throughout the winter season if required.

Steel Fire Pit Lids are designed to fit within their corresponding wind guards, so you don’t have to remove the wind guard when installing or removing the cover.

One person can install all but the largest steel lids, whereas fabric covers often require two people to fit it over the fire pit.

All the manufacturers on The Magic Of Fire produce metal lids for fire pits to fit their range of fire pit trays and pans. They are available in round, square, rectangular, and linear configurations and match the Stainless Steel trays and pans.

American Fire Glass also produces Outdoor Fire Pit Lids with their unique Oil Rubbed Bronze finish to match the Bronze range of pans and trays that they offer.

HPC Fire offers a range of Cooper finished lids to fit their Copper fire bowls.


All in all, we think that metal lids for fire pits are just good common sense. Whether you utilize a Fabric Cover or a Steel Lid is up to you and your particular circumstances.


Whichever way you go, we’re sure your fire pit will thank you for it!