Fire Pit Lids

Fire Pit Lids cover and protect your fire pit pan, burner, and fire glass from the worst extremes of the weather when not in use.

A gas fire pit should never be lit when it is wet. You need to allow it to dry thoroughly before lighting. This would put a dampener on this evening’s party if it rained during the afternoon.

Using a fire pit lid means your fire pit is ready to go as soon as you are.

It is a myth to say that stainless steel does not rust; it does. It just oxidizes much more slowly than ordinary steel, but anywhere near the salt water and that process speeds up, ask any boat owner.

So keeping the rainwater off your fire pit tray and burner will extend its functional lifespan, and keeping your fire glass or lava rock free of any dust and deposits means it won’t need cleaning too often either.

Fabric covers work well, but they can be a bit of a pain to put on and take off, it often requires two people.

A steel Fire Pit Lid can be put in place by one person, and if you have a corresponding wind guard, it will sit neatly inside without having to move the wind guard to add or remove your lid.

Wind Guard and Fire Pit Lid
Wind Guard and Fire Pit Lid