HPC Tall Round Aluminum Fire Pit Covers in Copper Vein

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HPC Tall Round Aluminum Fire Pit Covers in Copper Vein

This bell-shaped aluminum fire pit lid is manufactured using high-quality, lightweight aluminum which is then finished with a UV-resistant, high-heat, textured powder coating in Copper Vein.

These tall round fire pit covers are bell-shaped with two handles, located on either side of the base, for your convenience.

There are two sizes to choose from, 32 inches and 44 inches in diameter; they weigh 15 lbs and 20 lbs respectively with the smaller of the two standing 10 inches high and the larger standing 14 inches high.

HPC Tall Round Aluminum Fire Pit Covers in Copper Vein
Copper Vein Textured Powder Coated Finish

The covers are designed to fully encompass the opening of your fire pit thus protecting the burn area and components of your fire pit. These tall round fire pit covers will work with a maximum opening of 2″ less than the diameter of the cover. Be aware that if a fire table/pit has a drop-in pan sitting on a flange, the cover will need to sit beyond this and should be taken into account.

Not only do these lids suit a traditional rustic type fire pit but look spectacular used as round fire table covers also.

HPC Tall Round Aluminum Fire Pit Covers in Copper Vein details:

Does a Gas fire pit need to be covered?

There are several good reasons why covers in general are a really good idea.

Covers are designed to protect fire pits from the elements

Extreme temperatures, damp conditions, snow, and such all take their toll on metal. This also applies to metal components of a fire pit. After all, even Stainless Steel may rust eventually, there is a reason it is called “stain-less” and not “stain-free”!

Expensive electronic components may also be affected if heavy rainfall were to overcome drainage and become submerged. This can really put a damper on things, literally and figuratively.

Even normal rainfall will delay the operation of the fire pit until the components and fire media have dried out!

What it boils down to is this; protecting your fire pit = protecting your investment.

How covers help reduce maintenance and cleaning of your fire pit

  • Fire media such as fire glass which is commonly used in a gas fire pit requires more frequent cleaning if not kept under a cover to keep it looking its best.
  • Even lava rocks and lava stones need to be kept free of dirt and debris to ensure good working order.
  • Creepy crawlies seem to like nesting in the gas burners and air mixers causing blockages, so it makes sense to reduce the likelihood of this as much as possible, especially if the fire pit is not frequently used.
  • Before lighting your fire pit any flammable debris such as leaves, twigs, paper, etc. must be removed from the fire pit.

Covers ensure your fire pit is ready for use at a moment’s notice

Having read the previous reasons why cover covers are a good idea you will now understand the benefits of keeping your fire pit dry and free of snow, dirt, and debris.

Yep, you got it; you get to enjoy your fire pit looking its best, without spending time readying it for use or waiting for the thing to dry out! Using a cover keeps your fire pit in a state ready for use!

Does a Wood Burning Fire Pit need a cover?

There may not be any fancy electronics or metal involved, but brickwork, stone, and other building materials are also susceptible to extreme temperatures and harsh weather.

All manner of wildlife may decide that your fire pit makes an ideal home, especially if not in regular use.

Removing ash build-up (recommended) is one of the downsides to a wood-burning pit and is often neglected; add this to poor drainage and you end up with an acidic slurry, after rainfall, contributing to a shorter-than-expected lifespan of your fire pit.

Placing a robust cover over a low-rising fire pit will prevent anyone from accidentally falling in, believe me, it happens!

Protecting your fire pit from the weather and keeping it free of critters will go a long way to ensure that it not only lasts longer but will also require less maintenance along the way.  After all the shoveling out of ashes, chopping of wood, keeping the fire fed and so on, you could do with a break!

HPC Tall Round Aluminum Fire Pit Covers in Copper Vein Warranty

HPC Round Aluminum Tall Fire Pit Covers in Copper Vein are covered by a 3-year HPC Warranty (Normal weathering expected).

In Conclusion

When it comes down to it this lightweight aluminum fire pit lid is a great investment. If the Copper finish is not to your liking, go ahead and check out the Black Aluminum fire pit lid by clicking on the link.

HPC Tall Black Round Aluminum Fire Pit Covers
Black Aluminum Firepit Lid

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