HPC Sierra Square Smooth Copper Fire Bowl Cover

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HPC Sierra Square Smooth Copper Fire Bowl Cover

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The HPC Sierra Square Smooth Copper Fire Bowl Cover with its beautiful smooth finish is designed to compliment the HPC Smooth Sierra Copper Gas Fire Pit Bowl. It comes in just one size.

Dimensions & Weight

The copper fire pit lid is 7″ high, 26″ x 26″ square at the base, and weighs 13 lbs.

HPC Sierra Square Smooth Copper Fire Bowl Cover showing Dimensions

Material & Finish

Copper has been used by architects and builders for thousands of years with good reason, actually, make that three good reasons; durability, corrosion resistance and prestigious appearance.

The smooth copper finish of this fire pit lid imparts an appealing artisanal charm and when you add that to the integral qualities of copper as mentioned above, you are left in no doubt that it will not only look great but will also be a worthy investment, protecting your fire bowl for years to come.

smooth copper color swatch for sierra fire pit cover

Product shown is for illustration purposes only, due to its handmade nature variations in color and texture may occur.


The HPC Sierra Square Smooth Copper Fire Bowl Cover is covered by a 3-year HPC Warranty (Normal weathering expected).

General Fire Pit Cover Information

Does a Gas fire pit need to be covered?

Having a cover for your fire pit offers multiple compelling reasons. These covers serve the purpose of safeguarding fire pits from various environmental factors. Adverse conditions like extreme temperatures, moisture, snow, and the like can all have a detrimental impact on metal materials. This includes the metal components of your fire pit. It’s important to note that even Stainless Steel, while resistant to staining, might eventually experience rusting — hence the term “stain-less” and not “stain-free.”

Furthermore, there’s the concern of expensive electronic elements being vulnerable. In instances of intense rainfall overpowering drainage systems components could be compromised. 

Even standard rainfall can lead to operational delays for the fire pit, as the components and fire media would need time to dry out.

In essence, the crux of the matter is this: ensuring the protection of your fire pit equates to safeguarding your investment.

The Benefits of Fire Pit Covers in Minimizing Maintenance and Cleaning…

• Fire media, like fire glass commonly used in gas fire pits, demands less regular cleaning to maintain its appearance when shielded by a cover.

• Even lava rocks and stones are required to be kept free of debris to ensure optimal safety and functionality.

• Inactive gas burners and air mixers can become homes for insects, potentially causing blockages. Using a fire pit cover will help mitigate this.

Covers ensure your fire pit is ready for use at a moment’s notice.

Yep, you got it; you get to enjoy your fire pit looking its best, without spending time readying it for use or waiting for the thing to dry out! Using a cover keeps your fire pit in a state ready for use!

Does a Wood Burning Fire Pit need a cover?

There may not be any fancy electronics or metal involved, but brickwork, stone, and other building materials are also susceptible to extreme temperatures and harsh weather.

All manner of wildlife may decide that your fire pit makes an ideal home, especially if not in regular use.

Removing ash build-up (recommended) is one of the downsides to a wood-burning pit and is often neglected; add this to poor drainage and you end up with an acidic slurry, after rainfall, contributing to a shorter-than-expected lifespan of your fire pit.

Placing a robust cover over a low-rising fire pit will prevent anyone from accidentally falling in, believe me, it happens!

Protecting your fire pit from the weather and keeping it free of critters will go a long way to ensure that it not only lasts longer but will also require less maintenance along the way.  After all the shoveling out of ashes, chopping of wood, keeping the fire fed, and so on, you could do with a break!


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