Custom Fire Pit Glass Wind Guard Essentials

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A Custom Fire Pit Glass Wind Guard is an essential consideration for those with unique outdoor fire pits. Many top designers and manufacturers provide wind guards specifically designed for their line of standard fire pit products. However, if you have chosen to go custom with your outdoor fire feature, you might encounter difficulties in locating a ready-made wind guard that matches your specific dimensions and design.

Advantages of Fire Pit Wind Guards

For anyone who has enjoyed the ambiance of a gas fire pit under the open sky knows that a gusty day can quickly determine the best seating arrangement. A stray wind not only sends the flames dancing unpredictably but also designates the less desirable sides of the fire pit for guests.

Moonstone Fire Pit -close up of the burner being tested

An unprotected flame in a breeze

By employing a wind guard, you substantially improve the stability of the flame, enhancing both the enjoyment and safety of the fireside experience. Additionally, wind guards empower you to use your outdoor fire pits more often, effectively shielding the flame from unpredictable weather.

The Necessity of Custom Sizing for Wind Guards

Wind guards are crafted to rest atop the fire pit structure—not nestled inside the burn area/pan. Manufacturers will advise a certain amount of space between the glass guard and the fire pit pan, which often ranges from two to two-and-a-half inches on all sides, varying by manufacturer specifications and glass thickness.

Diagram showing how much distance from flame to wind guard is required

Standard wind guard dimensions incorporate this clearance, with their size adjusted accordingly to encompass the entire pit plus the additional space. For instance, if a fire pit pan’s dimensions span 42 by 14 inches, factoring in a two-inch clearance means an ideal wind guard would be at least 46 by 18 inches. You can opt for a larger guard so long as it remains proportional to your fire pit, but downsizing is not advisable.

A problem arises when the specifics of a unique fire pit exceed the standard wind guard allowances—then, opting for a custom fire pit glass wind guard becomes the solution.

Custom Solutions for Unique Fire Pits

The Outdoor Plus Company stands as a reliable source of a custom fire pit glass wind guard. Although they boast a wide selection of standard sizes compatible with their extensive fire pit inventory, custom designs are readily offered as well. Their collection includes approximately fifty rectangular wind guard models and a dozen square configurations, providing options for most non-standard fire pits.

A Typical Custom Wind Guard from The Outdoor Plus Company

A Typical Custom Wind Guard from The Outdoor Plus Company

In circumstances where their standard dimensions do not suffice, The Outdoor Plus can craft a wind guard that meets your exact requirements, constructed from quarter-inch polished tempered glass that guarantees a two-inch clearance all around the pit. These custom guards are built to an optimal height of eight inches and are fitted with chrome connectors to sustain durability and aesthetic appeal.

Fire Pit Safety Measures with Wind Guards

It’s paramount to remember that wind guards, made of temoered glass, will heat up during use. Ensuring that all users are aware and avoid direct contact is essential for fire pit safety. Wind guards also retain heat for several hours post-usage. Hence, avoid placing any covers or flammable materials over the pit until it has adequately cooled.

Should removal of the wind guard become necessary, it’s always safer to dismantle it into individual panes rather than attempting to move it as one unit.

Investing in Custom Wind Guards

Understandably, the price of an individually crafted wind guard will exceed that of their mass-produced counterparts. Production economies of scale significantly lower costs for items made in bulk, while creating single-unit products incurs a higher price. Nevertheless, for those seeking an exact fit and superior craftsmanship for their custom-fit fire pit, the value is evident in the enhanced aesthetics and functionality.