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Aweis Electronic Ignition

All Weather Electronic Ignition System


Electronic Ignition Systems for gas fire pits are the most sophisticated way to light and monitor the flame of the fire pit. They also provide the manufacturers with the opportunity to exercise their engineering ingenuity.

Within the fire pit industry, there is one Brand/Model that has surpassed all others. So much so that several fire pit manufacturers use this model under license from the manufacturer and stick their Brand label on it. This model is easily identified by its design and several licensed users even identify the unit to customers by the manufacturers own model reference ‘ A.W.E.I.S ‘ which stands for All Weather Electronic Ignition System.

All Weather Electronic Ignition System

An Electronic Ignition System brings you the highest level of convenience for lighting your fire pit, but more importantly, the highest level of safety too!

With an Electronic Ignition System, you can light your fire pit with just the flick of a switch which could be located inside your house by the patio doors for example, or any place that is convenient. These systems are can also be connected to a remote control system.


AWEIS stands for All Weather Electronic Ignition System. It is a brand name from the manufacturing company Fire By Design based in Nevada. The “All Weather” part of the name refers to the extreme degree of weather protection these units have. The manufacturer has gone to extraordinary and very unusual lengths to test them. We will go into that a little later, but first…

AWEIS attached to Burner Ring


These units are highly complex pieces of equipment but fortunately, we don’t need to understand how it works, we only need to know how it can help us with our fire pits. So in basic terms, an Electronic Ignition system has a pilot light, which, with the flick of a switch or via a remote control, will light or turn off your fire pit.

Now that the fire pit is alight, the system monitors the flame, and if it were to go out accidentally, the unit makes several attempts to re-light the fire pit and if it fails then a solenoid shuts off the gas to prevent a dangerous gas leak.

This removes the need for you to continually keep an eye on your fire pit to make sure it is still alight, you can concentrate on the barbecue! The system is also very practical for a fire feature that is some distance from your outdoor entertainment area, easy to turn on and off without having to go to the appliance and also self-monitoring.

The AWEIS is probably the most popular design on the market today because of its super durability and practicality. Like most Electronic Ignition systems it will need an electrical feed to the fire feature. Unlike other systems the AWEIS is particularly compact, it measures approximately 5 x 5 x 5 inches. It is the smallest electronic ignition system available in the market today. This can be important because most times it is installed directly underneath the fire pit burner inside the fire pit structure, where there may be limited room in the vertical dimension of the fire pit. It can also be located up to eight feet from the burner via specially made extensions if required.

This compact size also means it is an ideal system for use in fire bowls too. Of course, the system can be used with either natural gas or propane.


A fire pit or fire bowl is a pretty harsh environment to have to install electronic components. You’ve got the heat from the fire pit and all that the weather can through at it as well. So the manufacturer has performed some highly unusual tests to prove their durability.

1. The Car Wash Test – Yes, they actually put a pickup truck with a lighted fire pit in the back through a car wash.

2. The Freeze Test – So they put an AWEIS unit into a bucket of water and let it freeze solid for night or three! Encased in ice it still lit the burner the next morning.


3. The Highway Wind Test – I’m not sure what the Cops might have thought about this one, but 50 mph and the flame still burns.


4. Standing Water Test – As you know, putting electrical equipment into a bucket of water is a pretty good way to ruin it, so these guys just had to try!


AWEIS units are LC Certified to ANSI Z21.20-2014 ( for the USA ) • CAN/CSA-C22.2 ( for Canada )

There are two versions of these units available the AWEIS SC, which is a standard capacity unit suitable for use with burners rated up to 290,000 Btu/hr and AWEIS High Capacity ( HC ) for use with Burners rated up to 512,000 Btu/hr.


AWEIS SC (Standard Capacity)

Flame / Heat Sense: Thermopile

Ignition Type: Hot Surface Ignition (Glow Plug)

Ignition Sequence: Intermittent Pilot

Ignition Source: Pilot

Max. Btu Output: 290,000 BTU/hr

Inlet / Outlet Size: 0.5″ FPT

Operating Voltage: 24 Volts AC

Inlet Gas Pressure Limit: 2.0 psi

Valve Enclosure Size: 4.375″ x 4.375″ x 4.375″ (L x W x H)


AWEIS HC (High Capacity)

Flame / Heat Sense: Thermopile

Ignition Type: Hot Surface Ignition (Glow Plug)

Ignition Sequence: Intermittent Pilot

Ignition Source: Pilot

Max. Btu Output: 512,000 BTU/hr

Inlet / Outlet Size: 0.75″ FPT

Operating Voltage: 24 Volts AC

Inlet Gas Pressure Limit: 2.0 psi

Valve Enclosure Size: 4.5″ x 4.5″ x 5″ (L x W x H)


If you are thinking of using an Electric Ignition System on your fire pit project, we could not recommend the AWEIS system more highly. In fact, the system is also incorporated into other manufactures Fire Pit Kits. 

For example American Fireglass use them on their Electronic Ignition range and re-brand them the S.I.T  Ignition System ( Smart Ignition Technology ) 

American Fireglass S.I.T. System

For more information about Electronic Ignition system don’t hesitate to call us on our Toll-Free Number 844 631 7638 or just hit the Chat button on any page of our website.

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