Lava Rock

Lava Rock is, as you know, the result of Volcanic activity, and therefore pretty well disposed to handling the comparatively low temperatures of a fire pit or fireplace.

It is formed as Volcanic rock or magma rises to the surface and begins to cool at the same time as releasing gas, which creates the rough surface of the Lava.

For many years, it had been used as the finishing touch in fire pits and fireplaces. More recently, it has taken a back seat to more colorful fire glass.

However, even if it does not have the staring role in your fire feature, it still has an important and practical function to fulfill.

How To Use Lava Rock as a Filler

Fire Glass has double the density of Lava Rock, which means that a 10 lb bag of Lava will fill twice the area/space than a 10 lb bag of fire glass.

People are often surprised by how much Fire Glass they need to finish off their fire pit.

The ‘Pro Tip” here is to use a small-sized Lava Rock as a filler underneath your fire glass. Generally, this reduces the amount of fire glass you need by about half!

We recommend using the 1/4 to 1/2 size option for this.

Installing Fire Glass on Lava Rock

We don’t advise using this method if you choose a ‘clear’ colored fire glass as the dark color of the Rock may spoil the clear glass’s effect.

The same methodology should be applied when using fire logs and larger fire rocks. In this case, it is not as a cost-cutting exercise but rather to create an even flame on which the larger rocks or logs can sit.

The filler hides the burner and spreads the flame’s footprint in a more realistic manner.

How Much Lava Rock Do I Need?

When calculating how much rock you will need as a filler, measure from the base of the fire pit pan/tray up to just above the top of the burner.

The objective is just to cover the burner.

Lava Rock Usage

Enter the measurement, in inches, into our Lava Rock Calculator, add the other dimensions of your fire pit, and the calculator will tell you how many pounds of Lava Rock are required.

Lava Rock is a naturally occurring product whose color can vary from a reddish-brown to a very dark grey.

Tumbled Lava Stone

Tumbled Lava Stone

In the past few years, Tumbled Lava Stone has become very popular. This attractive product is the result of the superheated Lava cooled by the ocean waters and hardening.

These Stones are subjected to a tumbling process that removes any sharp edges and results in a smooth, even shape.

Tumbled Lava Stones work best when installed on a bed of small-sized Lava Rock