HPC Hot Wire Ignition (HWI) Trouble Shooting Guide

Fire Pit Trouble Shooting
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In late 2023, we were informed by HPC Fire about the discontinuation of their Field Repair Kit (Part No. HWI-913). This decision was made due to difficulties in obtaining an essential component, the ignitor, and regrettably, a direct replacement for this part is not available.

To ensure you order the appropriate system, it’s important to identify the model number of your current setup. This information can be found on the specification plate attached to the valve box. Once you have this model number, please forward it to us via our Contact Form. We will then reach out to HPC Fire on your behalf to obtain the compatible part number for your upgrade.

Our HPC Hot Wire Ignition (HWI) Trouble Shooting Guide will help you determine why your Ignition System is not lighting.

Even the best quality products can develop problems sometimes. If you take into account the extreme variations of temperature that firepit equipment could be exposed to, in just a few hours, it is hardly surprising.

For example, you live in Colorado and decide to celebrate the New Year around your fire pit with friends and family for a couple of hours. By the time you turn off the fire pit, the burner, and tray could be close to 800 degrees.

A few hours later, on a Colorado winter’s night, the air temperature could easily be -20 degrees!

Generally speaking, though, most issues are easy to fix such as ensuring the Power and Gas are on, the Igniter shield is in place, and that the Blow-Out Box is not covered with fire glass or lava rock!

Work your way through the flow chart below to help identify the problem and find out how to fix it.

Your fire pit will be quickly restored to full working order.

HPC Fire HWI Series Igniter Repair Kit

If the Hot Wire fails to glow in the Ignition System one of the most common causes is either that the wire’s insulation is not in good condition or the connections are not tight.

The best fix is to install fresh wires and ensure when doing so the connections are good and tight. The HPC Fire HWI Series Igniter Repair Kit contains an HWI Ignitor set, soldered leads, butt splices, shrink tubes, tie wraps, and full instructions.

HWI-913 Series Igniter Repair Kit from the HPC Hot Wire Ignition (HWI) Trouble Shooting Guide

Gas Supply

In order for a fire pit to work it must be supplied with the amount of gas, and at the appropriate pressure for the BTU Rating of the Burner!

For more information on Gas Supply, Ventilation, and general Fire Pit construction read through our guides on How To Successfully Build A Gas Fire Pit Part 1 – Planning, How To Successfully Build A Gas Fire Pit Part 2 – The Fire Pit Structure and Gas Pipe Size for Fire Pits