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HPC Hot Wire Ignition ( HWI ) Trouble Shooting Guide

HWI-913 Series Igniter Repair Kit

Our HPC Hot Wire Ignition ( HWI ) Trouble Shooting Guide will help you determine why your HPC Hot Wire Ignition System is not lighting.

Even the best quality products can develop problems sometimes. If you take into account the extreme variations of temperature that firepit equipment could be exposed to, in just a few hours, it is hardly surprising.

For example, you live in Colorado and decide to celebrate the New Year around your fire pit with friends and family for a couple of hours. By the time you turn off the fire pit, the burner and tray could be close to 800 degrees.

A few hours later, on a Colorado winters night, the air temperature could easily be -20 degrees!

Generally speaking, though, most issues are an easy fix.

Work your way through the flow chart below to identify the problem and find out how to fix it.

Your fire pit will be quickly restored to full working order.

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