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Before the advent of Fire Glass, we had a choice between Lava Rock or faux logs. Now, don’t get me wrong, people created some pretty spectacular looking fire pits and fireplaces using one, or possibly both.

When fire pit glass came on to the market, though, we suddenly had a whole kaleidoscope of colors with which to play.

With fire pit glass, we could now make a fireplace look as spectacular un-lit in the daylight, as it was when alight at night. The fireplace could command the room decor with brightly colored glass or subtly blend into the decor of a room with a complementary hue.

Of course, precisely, the same transformation occurred with our outdoor fire pits and fireplaces too.

What Is Fire Pit Glass?

Fire Pit Glass is a high-quality colored tempered glass that is either shaped or broken into ‘chunks.’

It must be high quality because when it gets very hot, it should not discolor, warp, emit smoke or toxic fumes. All the fireplace glass on The Magic Of Fire comes with a Lifetime Warranty.

By far, the most popular fire glass for fire pits is the irregular broken chunks style. If you imagine a large piece of glass, broken into a thousand pieces, the only regular dimension would be the thickness of the original plate of glass.

That is why these irregular chunks of glass are defined by the thickness of the sheet they came from, usually 1/4″ or 1/2″ thick.

If you want to read more about fire glass, Wikipedia has a short article you could take a look at. 

Do you know the the style of Fire Glass you need? The following links will get you there directly:

Fire Glass Size Comparison

There are other shape options available, such as Fire Beads, Zircon, and even a cubic shaped glass.

It is unsafe to use old wine or beer bottles or domestic type jars in fire pits and fireplaces. There is a risk of fumes and exploding glass.

Fire Pit Glass is suitable for either indoor or outdoor use in fire pits and fireplaces and is fully compatible with either Propane or Natural Gas.

What Size Should I Use?

There is no right or wrong here; it is a matter of personal preference. One thing to bear in mind when choosing the glass size is that the larger styles can overwhelm a smaller fire pit, and conversely, smaller types of glass can look a little overwhelmed in large fire features. If you opt for larger sizes of glass we highly recommend using small lava rock as a filler.

What is Reflective Fire Pit Glass?

If you think back to that sheet of glass we mentioned earlier, before it is broken up, one side is coated with a mirror finish. This mirroring creates Reflective Glass. The effective multiplies the reflections that the glass produces from sunlight during the daytime and the flames when the fire pit is alight.

How To Use Glass in my Fire Pit

You do not need to fill you fire pit tray with glass. To reduce the cost you can use small sized Lava Rock ( 1/4″ – 1/2″ ) as a filler. Put the Lava Rock into the base of the fire pit tray up to the top of the burner or even a little higher.

Do not compress the Lava Rock. Then gently pour your fire pit glass on top of the Lava Rock and do not compress the Glass.

You can cover the burner with between 1-2″ of Fire Pit Glass. For Propane systems we would recommend 1″ deep and for Natural Gas up to 2″ deep.

How Much Fire Pit Glass Do I Need?

Most good fire pit website will have a fire glass calculator, you can find ours here.

If you wish to use lava rock as a filler measure the depth of the tray up to and just over the burner height. Then use a fire glass calculator to see how much you would need. Then divide the result by 2 for lava rock. ( e.g. if the calculator shows you need 20 lbs to cover the burner, then you need 10 lbs of lava rock. )

Then measure form the top of the burner to the level you wish your glass to finish at. Make another calculation using that figure as the depth. The result is how much fire glass you need on top of your lava rock filler.

You’ll find our fire pit glass and lava rock calculators here.

Other Fire Pit Media Options

Over the past couple of years American Fireglass have released some new ranges of Fire Rocks for gas fires and fire pits.

These rocks/stones look amazingly realistic. They are colored with an environmentally friendly ceramic stain that gets absorbed into porous material, and are extremely durable. In fact they are covered by a Lifetime Warranty.

There are several options for a unique look for your fire pit or fireplace.

Beach Pebble Lite Stone Set
Beach Pebble Lite Stone Set from American Fireglass

Fire Glass Maintenance

Occasionally, you might need to give your fire glass a wash to keep it looking at its best. A simple solution of 50/50 household vinegar and water will clean the glass nicely. Rinse throughly and make sure the glass is completely dry before putting in back into your fire pit.