Tempe Hammered Copper Gas Fire and Water Bowl – 31 Inches

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Tempe Hammered Copper Gas Fire and Water Bowl

A hand-hammered, oiled copper fire pit bowl that perfectly celebrates the timeless feel of copper.

This stunning bowl will form the centerpiece of your outdoor entertainment area and create a never to be forgotten impression on your guests. The combination of the planet’s two most powerful elements, fire and water results in a spectacular feature.


Tempe Hammered Copper Gas Fire and Water Bowl

The design of the HPC Copper Fire and Water Bowls measures 31 inches in diameter at the top, and the base is 10 inches in diameter. The fire bowl stands 10.5 inches tall.

The Tempe design is also available as a Fire only bowl. Click on the link to see the Tempe Hammered Copper Gas Fire Pit Bowl

The design of the Tempe Hammered Copper Gas Fire and Water Pit Bowl requires that the ignition system and controls are installed below the copper bowl and as such the fire water bowl is best mounted upon a pedestal, column, or structure into which the gas valve, controls, or electronic valve box can be installed.


Tempe Installation Diagram


Two fire & water bowls at the end of a pool with water cascading from the bowls' scupper. The photo above is a great example of how best to show off your fire & water bowl!


Mesa Hammered Copper Gas Fire Pit Bowl FinishThe Tempe Hammered Copper Gas Fire and Water Bowl Oiled Finish

Ignition Options:

There are two ignition options:

1- Match Lit – the system incorporates a standard 1/2-inch ball valve that turns the gas on and off and allows for flame adjustment. 

2- Electronic Ignition – This system enables the user to turn on & off the fire pit with remote control,  a wall switch, or your ‘whole house automation system’ (not included).

While you and your family are relaxing, the Electronic Ignition System of the fire bowl is continuously monitoring the flames’ status. Should a flame loss occur, the system will turn off the gas flow, and then automatically commence the ‘Start’ sequence to relight the burner.  

A low-voltage 12VAC electronic ignition option is now available for Poolside applications.

Standard Penta Burner – There are two power options for this burner:
• 12VAC  which requires an HPC/SEBCO 12vac, 100W Power Supply (not included, see below for link)
• 24VAC which requires an HPC/SEBCO 24vac, 100W Power Supply (not included, see below for link)

Torpedo Penta Burner – there is only one option for this burner
• 12VAC which requires an HPC/SEBCO 12vac, 100W Power Supply (not included, see below for link)

Click on the link for the HPC Sebco 100W Power Supplies for low voltage installations.


Burner Options:

12″ Standard Penta or 12″ Torpedo Penta are the two options available.

What is a Torpedo Burner?

Torpedo Burners incorporate patented technology that creates a bigger, warmer flame than the equivalent standard burners. HPCs burners have earned a notable reputation over the years for providing a great-looking flame, with the Penta Burner developing almost a cult status. Now the Penta, H, and Linear burners are available in the Torpedo version, across the complete range of products. In fact, it has been so successful that the standard H-Burner and T-Burner are being phased out and models using these will be fitted with the Torpedo version only!

For more information on the Torpedo Burner check out SST Torpedo Burners from HPC Fire


Tempe Fire and Water Bowl Specifications:

• 31″ in diameter across the top
• 10″ in diameter across the base
• 10.5″ high
• 12″ diameter Penta burner mounted onto a 19″ diameter bowl-style pan
• Rated at 50,000 BTUs
• CSA Certified
• Available in a Natural Gas or Propane version.
• Suitable for both Commercial and Residential installations.


Water Flow:

  1. Water flow is estimated to be 700~900 GPH.
  2. It is recommended to put a valve after the pump to trim water flow if desired.
  3. Consult your pool or pond professional for line and pump sizing.


Tempe Hammered Copper Gas Fire and Water Bowl Downloadable Information:

Fire and Water Bowl Installation Instructions


Tempe Fire Bowl Drawing


Prop 65WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including LEAD AND LEAD COMPOUNDS, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov/.

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