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Square Fire Pit Insert

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Square Fire Pit Insert from HPC is a fire pit drop-in pan available in sizes ranging from 18 inches square to 42 inches square, not including the rim.

They are manufactured from 304-grade stainless steel and have a welded nipple for a durable connection of the fire ring and gas source. The complete range is suitable for either Natural Gas or Propane systems.

Measured on the inside, the trays are 2 1/2 inches deep and have a 1 3/8 inch rim around the top.

Square Fire Pit Insert

Two of the range, the 507-36HCSQ, and 507-42HCSQ, are designed to accommodate larger High Capacity burners, which require a 3/4″ gas connection.

All the other sizes are designed for Standard Capacity burners ( SC ) and have a 1/2 inch gas connection.

Square Fire Pit Insert Specifications:

Square Fire Pit Insert Specifications

Drop-In trays make the construction of the fire pit structure much simpler by providing a stable mounting for the burner, and a container to contain your fire glass or lava rock.

As the name suggests, they drop-in to the cutout in the top of the fire pit structure, sitting securely on the generous rim at the top.

These Square Fire Pit Insert have weep holes drilled into the base to prevent them from filling with water.

When selecting a burner for the Square Fire Pit Insert, allow at least a 2-inch margin between the burner and the drop in-tray sidewall.

Compatible with HPCs Push Button Ignition Kit.

The HPC Gas Penta Burner is an ideal partner for these trays.

Select from our range of Fire Pit Burners to suit this pan.

Please note burners sold separately.


HPC Fire

HPC Fire, over the years, has become synonymous with innovation and quality within the Fire Pit Industry.

All their products are offered with a broad range of control and styling options. Their designs are elegant and packed with innovative technology.

Like all leading manufacturers in the fire pit industry, stainless steel features strongly as their primary production material, allowing HPC Fire to back all of their burners and fire pit trays with a Lifetime Warranty.

HPC Fire is proud that its product range carries the most CSA Certifications of any company in the industry.

Of course, they are best known for their Penta Burner, which has gained almost a cult following due to its excellent performance when the gas is turned down low and its very realistic campfire-style flame pattern.

HPC Fire manufacture very high-quality products with innovative technology and elegant designs. You can’t go wrong using HPC Fire products as the basis of your fire pit project, whether for home installation or a commercial project.

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Desiree gomez

Measurments were perfect! It even came in way earlier than the estimated delivery date. Beautiful and sturdy. Easy to install.

Don Schmoll

Just opened the box and the item look`s better than in picture . Very good craftmens ship , impressive, very clean and nice in appearence