Stainless Steel Rectangular Drop In Fire Pit Pan by American Fire Glass

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Stainless Steel Rectangular Drop In Fire Pit Pan by American Fire Glass

The Rectangular Drop In Tray comes fitted with an H-Burner which has a wider flame footprint than its cousin, the Linear Pan. Unlike the linear pan width which remains constant, for every step-up in length, there is also an increase in width.

The Pans are available in 5 different sizes and can be used with either natural gas or propane, however, for use with propane an air mixer is required.


Easy to Install

The Rectangular Fire Pit Pan or Tray size refers to the recessed area of the pan and excludes the flange or lip. The lip is 1.25″ so the overall dimensions are 2.5″ greater than the pan size.

The hole or cut-out in the structure you are going to ‘drop’ your pan into needs to be about 1/4″ to 1/2″ larger than the pan size you have ordered, to enable the pan to settle securely on the flange.

HoW To Build A Gas Fire Pit

The pan’s lip or flange rests on the surface of the fire pit


How Much Fire Glass Do I Need?

We have provided the manufacturer’s recommended fire glass quantity for each of the rectangular fire pit pan sizes below in the specification section. Alternatively, you can use our Fire Glass Calculator which you will find at the bottom of every page on our website.


BTUs and Flame Height

BTUs are particularly relevant if you are planning on using your domestic gas supply to fuel your fire pit. To avoid disappointment you need to ensure that your domestic gas supply has sufficient pressure to generate a decent flame on your fire pit.

For more detailed information on BTUs and flame height, take a few minutes to read our blog post How To Successfully Build A Gas Fire Pit Part 1 or Flame Height and Your Gas Pit.

Below you will find the BTU/per hour rating of the burners.


Stainless Steel Rectangular Drop In Fire Pit Pan by American Fire Glass Specifications

Pan Size 18″ x 6″ (internal dimensions) – Lip 1.25″ – Overall length 20.5″ – BTU rating 70,000 – Cut out dimensions 19″ x 7″ – Fire Glass 11lbs

Pan Size 24″ x 8″ (internal dimensions) – Lip 1.25″ – Overall length 26.5″ – BTU rating 120,000 – Cut out dimensions 25″ x 9″ – Fire Glass 20lbs

Pan Size 30″ x 10″ (internal dimensions) – Lip 1.25″ – Overall length 32.5″ – BTU rating 125,000 – Cut out dimensions 31″ x 11″ – Fire Glass 31lbs

Pan Size 36″ x 12″ (internal dimensions) – Lip 1.25″ – Overall length 38.5″ – BTU rating 165,000 – Cut out dimensions 37″ x 13″ – Fire Glass 45lbs

Pan Size 48″ x 14″ (internal dimensions) – Lip 1.25″ – Overall length 50.5″ – BTU rating 200,000 – Cut out dimensions 49″ x 15″ – Fire Glass 71lbs


Features and Further Information

Manufactured from 304 Grade Stainless Steel

The holes in the burner are drilled, creating a smoother gas flow

Drainage Holes in the base of the pan

Gas Inlet – 1/2″ Threaded Nipple

Removable Cover Plate for Spark Ignition Installation

For use in outdoor vented natural or propane gas burning fire feature ONLY

MUST use an American Fire Glass propane air mixer for converting to liquid propane



This product qualifies for an American Fire Glass Lifetime Warranty


Stainless Steel Rectangular Drop In Fire Pit Pan by American Fire Glass – Compatible Accessories

Stainless Steel Fire Pit Cover Rectangular

Rectangular Wind Guard

Gas Connections

Propane Air Mixer

The pan can also be purchased in the form of a Rectangular Fire Pit Pan with match lit kit which includes gas connections and a shut-off valve or a Rectangular Drop In Pan with Spark Ignition Kit which comes with gas connections, a key valve, and a push button spark ignition kit.

Customer Reviews

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martin wiescholek

arrived much faster than expected. Thank you.

saul saldivar

great fire pit pan

Dani M. Miller

Delivery was faster than promised. The fire pit was exactly as promised and packaging was good. Great experience! (Except I got two instead of one. Working now on returning the second one. Hopefully they'll let me do it. I will update.)

David Duecaster

product as described, packed well. A++ seller

Amit Joshi

Exactly as ordered and arrived very quickly, sooner than the expected date! Which was a pleasant surprise.