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Propane Air Mixer Valve 1/2 Inch is a Standard Capacity Air Mixer Valve required for use on propane Gas applications.

Why do I Need a Propane Air Mixer Valve?

Propane gas is denser or heavier than air, delivered to your appliance in a concentrated form, which needs diluting before ignition.

The Air Mixer Valve draws in air through the jets and mixes it with the propane gas before it ignites. 

The jets in the Air Mixer Valve are a precise size ensuring that the air/propane mixture is the correct ratio.

Without a Propane Air Mixer Valve, the resultant flame will be very yellow because the undiluted propane gas is too ‘rich.’ 

Another effect of not having an Air Mixer Valve is that there will be a lot of soot produced and deposited around the burn area and on your fire glass/lava rock.

Soot deposits and yellow flames also indicate that, if an Air Mixer Valve is installed, then it may not be working correctly. There are three possible reasons for this:

  1. It is the wrong size valve and therefore creating the incorrect air/propane mixture ratio.
  2. Ventilation of the fire pit structure is insufficient to replenish the air drawn up into the valve.
  3. The jets in the valve has become blocked. ( Dust, dirt, and spiders nests)

The Standard Capacity Propane Air Mixer Valve featured here is manufactured from brass for durability. It is ideal for use on propane fire pits and fire bowls connected to a 20 lb propane gas tank.

Propane Air Mixer Valve Installation

The Air Mixer Valve is connected directly to the burner of your fire feature. They is an arrow stamped on the side of the valve, and this should point in the direction of the gas flow. i.e., from the gas feed to the burner.

Propane Air Mixer Valve Gas Flow Direction
Ensure the Propane Air Mixer valve is installed correctly

These mixer valves are easy to install but do follow the instructions carefully. 

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