How long before your Fire Pit empties the gas bottle.

Exploring Fire Pit Gas Supply
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If you are considering running you fire pit from a LP Gas bottle, you may want to know how long your fire pit will last before it empties the gas bottle?

Propane Gas Bottles

Check out our chart below.

Gas Bottle Values

To determine how long a gas appliance will operate on one tank of gas, first determine the total Btu’s of the propane tank. ( see chart above ). Divide that number by the BTU’s of your fire pit burner. This will provide the approximate total time your gas fire pit will operate on one tank of gas.

For example: You have an LP gas fire pit rated at 105,000 Btu’s and it is connected to a full 20 lb. propane bottle. If you take 430,000 Btu’s ( total Btu’s of a 20 lb. bottle ) and divide that by 105,000 ( the Btu rating of your fire pit ) you will see that the total approximate operating time will be 4.09 hours.