Fire Pit Gas Connection Kits

Gas Connection Kits, in general, will link your fire pit burner to your gas supply via a half-inch diameter shut-off valve of one kind or another.

Gas Connection Kits – Classifications

There are three levels of classification for Gas Connection Kits;
  1. Low Capacity ( LC ) – LC is not relevant to fire pits
  2. Standard Capacity ( SC ) – SC covers about ninety percent of fire pits and works up to around 300,000 Btu’s
  3. High Capacity ( HC ) – For gas units requiring 300,000 Btu’s or more

The term ‘capacity’ is referring to the volume of gas that is flowing through the system. Bigger, higher Btu rated fire pit burners require a much higher volume of gas than a smaller burner, and therefore require larger diameter gas lines and valves.

There is a difference between Natural Gas Kits and their Propane counterparts, which is more evident within the standard capacity range.

The SC Natural Gas kits have half-inch diameter gas lines, whereas the Propane kits use three-eighths diameter gas lines.

Natural Gas Connection kit
Natural Gas Connection Kit

Propane SC Kits are supplied with a standard propane gas regulator suitable for a 20 lb propane gas bottle.

Propane Gas Connection Kit
Propane Gas Connection Kit

A High Capacity Kit has larger diameter gas lines that feed in and out of a three-quarter-inch shut-off valve to deal with the volume of gas required.

High Capacity Burners, those with Btu ratings of 300,000 plus, are not suitable for connection to a 20 lb Propane Gas Tank. High capacity Propane Systems need to be drawing their gas from a large gas storage tank.

High Capacity Gas Connection Kit
High Capacity Connection System

Installation Tip

During installation, make sure that the gas lines only have a very gentle curvature to them. Avoid kinks and sharp twists, or changes of direction of any form in the gas lines.

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