Fire and Water

Embrace the magic of fire and water, and transform your outdoor sanctuary into a haven of relaxation and serenity.

Harmonizing Elements

Fire and Water

A Fire and Water Feature combines two of the Earth’s most potent elements with stunning effect. Most of our recommended manufactures have at least one Fire and Water Feature in their range.

However, the Outdoor Plus company in California has the most extensive range of fire pit water features.

With over 20 models manufactured in the USA from materials as diverse as Copper, Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete ( GFRC ), Corten, and Stainless Steel.

Their GFRC range of Fire and Water Features is available in 15 colors, various textures, and some metallic finishes.

The most challenging choice isn’t whether or not you want a Fire and Water Feature, but which one to have!

The Luna Fire and Water Bowl
The Luna Fire and Water Bowl from the Outdoor Plus

These Fire Pit with Water Features are available with either Electronic or Match Lit Ignition systems across all the Brands.

How the fire and water elements are combined in the bowls, varies considerably.

In some, there is just a flow of water running from an outlet in the side of the bowl. Others have a pool of water that surrounds the fire area and overflows.

Other Fire Pit Water Features have the water overflowing from 360 degrees around the bowl, while other models have four scuppers around the bowl from which the water flows.

A Fire Pit and Water Feature is ideal for installation around a swimming pool, but there are also very popular in landscaped areas such as rockeries, etc.

The Cazo 360 degree Spill Fire and Water Bowl
The Cazo Copper Fire and Water Bowl

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