Bullet Burners

Bullet Burners are hand made in California by The Outdoor Plus Company. They are manufactured from Brass for durability and have a Lifetime Warranty. Bullet Burners can be retrofitted replacing any standard burner and will provide a much taller fuller flame. They are a great upgrade to your existing fire pit.

Surprisingly, considering the larger flame produced, Bullet Burners consume about 30% less gas than a standard burner, making them an ideal choice for commercial installations where the fire pit is alight for several hours every day, such as Casinos, Restaurants, and Hotels.

Despite the higher initial investment than a standard burner, the saving in gas consumption would be significant.

These bigger flames and better gas consumption are the result of Flat Flame Technology, which is the manufacturer’s Patented Bullet Orifice that compresses gas flow and incorporates oxygen to create a cleaner flame.

Bullet Burner Orifice
It all starts as the gas enters the burner via the uniform gas flow generator, which distributes the gas evenly throughout the burner.
Hexagonal Uniform Hub

The curved design of the ‘S’ burner evenly distributes the bullet orifices around the burner for a fuller flame.

Bullet Burner Triple S Burner
Bullet Burner Triple S Burner

Flame Comparison

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