American Fireglass Stainless Steel Fire Pit Cover - Round

Fire Pit Lids

Protect your fire pit when not in use. American Fireglass lids can be used without removing Wind Guard

Rectangular Wind Guard

Wind Guards

Get more use from your fire pit. Safely enjoy it in breezy conditions. Designed to fit over compatible fire pit lids


One Hour or Two and a Half Hour versions. Set and forget mechanical Timers that shut of the gas.

Sanctuary Propane Tank Holder

Propane Tank Holder

Sanctuary Propane Tank Holder. Match the color of your Sanctuary Fire Pit

Propane 1/2 Inch Airmixer Valve


Everything you need to complete your fire pit project

Looft Lighter 1

Looft Lighter 1

Looft Lighter is the fastest, cleanest way to light your charcoal. Food no longer tastes of lighter fuel or fire starters.

Round Vinyl HPC Fire Pit Cover

HPC Round Vinyl Fire Pit Covers

5 Sizes of durable Vinyl Fire Pit Covers from HPC Fire. Sizes range from 35 inches to 64 inches diameter.

Looft Lighter X

The fully portable, rechargeable Looft Lighter. Charcoal grill, pizza oven, fireplace logs, and briquettes. Looft Lighter X gets that perfect glow smoldering in no time.

At The Magic Of Fire, we understand that no two fire pit projects are the same and that we need to carry a range of accessories that will solve the majority of our customers’ issues.

The most popular fire pit accessory is by far is the wind guard. It is not surprising because the wind guards allow you to get more use from your fire pit if you live in a breezy, windy location.

Customers regularly comment on how pleasantly surprised they are that the wind guard is so effective, allowing them to safely use their fire pit in conditions that would otherwise make it unsafe to do so.

Fire Pit Steel Lids are the second most popular accessory. Like the wind guards, they also have a positive effect on your fire pit, by protecting them from the worst extremes of the weather.

Fire Pit Lids prevent the tray from filling with water during rain. Fire pits should never be lit if the tray and glass are not completely dry. A lid keeps the tray and glass dry, allowing you to light up your fire pit shortly after it has stopped raining if you wish.

The Lid also keeps general dust and dirt from accumulating in the fire pit tray and on the fire glass, which means it does not need cleaning as often.

When used with a corresponding wind guard, the Lid can be put onto and removed from the fire pit without having to remove the wind guard first.

Overall a Fire Pit Lid will keep your fire pit in top condition and extend its lifespan.