Square Stainless Steel Fire Pit Burners

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Square Stainless Steel Fire Pit Burners

Square fire pit burners are ideal for a square fire pit, but oddly about ninety percent of square fire pits have round burners installed. There’s no practical or technical explanation for that, so what’s the difference?

If you imagine looking down from above over a square fire pit and visualize a round burner sitting in it, you will see how the burner cuts off the corners of the fire pit. With a square fire pit burner, you will immediately notice how the corner of the square burner would reach much deeper into the corners of the fire pit. That’s it, that’s the only difference. It all boils down to a matter of aesthetics.

Square Stainless Steel Fire Pit Burners

Works with LP or NG

All of TOP’s burners are suitable for any fire pit or fire bowl whether they are natural gas or liquid propane. When used with Propane, an Air Mixer Valve should be attached to the burner.


Water Runoff Protection

The inlets on all TOP burners are raised and tapered so that if water does enter the burner, it will not enter the gas line. Always install with the gas holes pointing upwards.


Multiple Drain Holes

Each burner has multiple drain holes to release any water that may enter the burner through the flame holes.


Drain Hole Tab

With the drain holes pointed to the side, a tab is added to redirect the flame upward to retain the intended flame pattern. Other burners have drain holes that create an unappealing flame


.065 Wall Thickness & Stainless Steel Construction

The wall thickness of T.O.P’s stainless steel square fire pit burners is greater than most burners on the market. Along with the 304 stainless steel construction. This ensures a long burner life and resists warping.



The Outdoor Plus hand-builds their square burners in their factory in California and provides a Lifetime Warranty.


Square Stainless Steel Fire Pit Burners Specifications







The range starts at 6 inches square with a single ring and goes up to 60 inches square with 4 rings in total. There are nine size options and can be retrofitted into existing fire pits if required.

Remember to allow 3 inches of clearance on all sides of the burner between the inner wall of the fire pit structure and the outer edge of the burner.


The 6″, 12″ and 18″ Square burners have a 1/2″ gas inlet. The larger burners have a 3/4″ gas inlet.


6″ X 6″ – Single-Ring Burner – 40k BTUs

12″ X 12″ – Double-Ring Burner – 80k BTUs

18″ X 18″ – Double-Ring Burner – 200k BTUs

24″ X 24″ – Double-Ring Burner – 240k BTUs

30″ X 30″ – Triple-Ring Burner – 420k BTUs

36″ X 36″ – Triple-Ring Burner – 480k BTUs

42″ X 42″ – Triple-Ring Burner – 500k BTUs

48″ X 48″ – Quadruple-Ring Burner – 800k BTUs

60″ X 60″ – Quadruple-Ring Burner – 880k BTUs


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 California Prop 65 Warning 

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Lead and Lead Compounds, which are known to the state of California to cause cancer, and Carbon Monoxide, Lead and Lead Compounds which are known to the state of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.